Happy Birthday e-NABLE!


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One year ago, Jon Schull created an online community to coordinate the crowdsourced design and delivery of 3D printed prosthetic hands to all who need them. On day one, there were 18 members…today, one year later, we have over 1150 and the numbers grow every single day.


What started as a simple question, posted on a video that he saw about two men who had created a 3d printed hand for a small child in South Africa – asking if anyone else with a 3d printer would like to help make hands too…has grown into a global online community of not just 3d print enthusiasts….but has also evolved to include makers, thinkers, artists, designers, engineers, students,  teachers, children, parents, families, occupational therapists, colleges, libraries, hand specialists, prosthetists and more.

Today we celebrate a year of collaborations, friendships forged, goodwill extended, hands and smiles created, lives changed, knowledge gained, challenges offered, creativity shared and all of the volunteers who make this global e-NABLE community thrive.

Let’s see what another year can do!

“This is an experiment in world-changing. So far, so incredible!

On Day One – when the map was created – we described ourselves as a “Global volunteer assistive technology network build on an infrastructure of electronic communications, 3D printing and good will.”

The experiment has already proven that there are literally thousands of skilled and generous people worldwide who will offer their time and support for a challenge and opportunity like this…and be grateful for the opportunity!

And in the future, it is quite possible that our model will generalize.

From “3D printing” to “emerging technologies,” and from “Assistive technology” to…”e-NABLE the full potential of underserved populations to help make the world a better place?”

– Jon Schull

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday e-NABLE!

  1. Jon Schull Reply

    OMG! I am overwhelmed by embarrassment, surprise, pride, and gratitude. I was literally waving back to some of those clips! This is the privilege and the honor of a lifetime.

    Thank you Jen!

    Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY e-NABLE!

    • Warm Fuzzy Revolutionist Reply

      You are most welcome Sir! Thank you for starting what has become an incredible community of hearts and minds. I can’t wait to see what we are up to on our 2nd birthday!

      Thank you for believing in us.

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