Ody’s New Hand

Back in March, the e-NABLE group got a request for a hand for a little boy from Greece, named Odysseus. He has no fingers on his left hand and his wrist didn’t have enough function to power one of the full five fingered hand designs that we have available…and instead of simply telling his Mom that we couldn’t help – one of our main designers (Peter Binkley who designed the Talon Hand) decided to make him a hand with only two fingers and a thumb as a “Starter hand”  which is now named the “Ody Hand” for obvious reasons!

After a few months of designing and re-working the design, Peter shipped the hand across the ocean to Ody – who is now testing it out and practicing with it to see if he can increase the motion in his wrist and eventually “Graduate” to a full 5 finger design!

Recently, the research team at Creighton University, discovered that it appears that their test subjects are gaining more muscle function and increasing range of motion with the use of these devices as they are now awakening muscles that have long ago atrophied because they were not being used regularly. You can read more about Tucker and his hand here.

The hope is that as Ody gets to practicing with his new hand and using his wrist more – he will also gain more movement and strengthen those muscles so that he can have the power in his wrist needed to open and close the Talon hand design!

We will post an update soon!

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