We are pleased to announce the FIRST  e-NABLE Conference!

Join us on September 28, 2014 at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD!

“e-NABLE’s collaborative approach to design and democratization of 3D-printed prostheses could significantly improve millions of lives worldwide. Now is the time to bring these technologies and practices into mainstream medicine.” – Dr. Albert Chi – Trauma surgeon at Johns Hopkins Medical, Lieutenant Commander in the US Naval Reserve and world-renowned researcher on state-of-the-art prosthetics.

Back in July, Dr. Albert Chi invited four of e-NABLE’s core members to visit his lab at Johns Hopkins Hospital to teach him how to create our 3D printable prosthetic devices and learn more about what we are doing.

During our visit we were blown away by the advanced technology that he uses every day to train his patients how to control high tech robotic arms with their minds, eyes and muscles…and we were shocked and delighted when we watched him break out into an enormous smile and let out a giggle of joy as he picked up a $50 3D printed plastic hand and watched it move by just bending the wrist.

Dr. Chi not only works as a leading trauma surgeon, but he also has a heart for helping the people around the world that desperately need care. A few times a year Dr. Chi visits Haiti where he volunteers as a surgeon to repair damaged limbs from the devastating 2010 earthquake as well as those who require amputations due to infection and other traumas. He wanted to change the lives of thousands of people, worldwide, who could never in their wildest dreams afford a commercially made $30,000-$50,000 prosthetic and saw the potential for a mechanical hand that costs $50 to build – to make that dream possible.

But how do we get more medical professionals like Dr. Chi and prosthetists interested in 3D printing mechanical hand devices? How do we introduce them to the incredible crowd-sourced e-NABLE designs? How do we teach them how to make these hands so they can begin putting them on patients who could never afford a commercially-made prosthetic device?

• We have a conference to introduce prosthetists to the 3D printing world.

• We SHOW them our designs and introduce them to the global e-NABLE community.

• We walk them through how to assemble a device – step, by step.

• We invite children who are missing fingers and hands and their families to attend  and teach them how to create their own devices as well as introduce them to prosthetists and the medical community – so they can see just how much these $50 hands can do.

• We introduce prosthetists to the collaborative innovation practices of e-NABLE, and we learn from them about ways we can increase options for them and their patients.

JOIN US for our first e-NABLE conference!


Prosthetists Meet Printers: Mainstreaming Open-Source 3D printed Prosthetics for Underserved Populations

Sunday, 9.28.14

Johns Hopkins Hospital – Baltimore, Maryland

Crowd-sourced collaborative innovation is changing the face of modern medicine. e-NABLE, a global online community of humanitarian volunteers is leading the way by designing, building and disseminating inexpensive 3D printed prosthetics.

Come join the e-NABLE organization and thought leaders in medicine, industry and public policy for a ground-breaking, industry-defining event at Johns Hopkins Hospital that will include the delivery of donated prothetic hands to children with upper limb differences.

We will unveil the new e-NABLE 2.0 hand, developed by Ivan Owen, Peter Binkley and Frankie Flood – the world’s first crowd-sourced, crowd-developed prosthetic  that incorporates the collective intelligence, learning and experiences of e-NABLE’s online global community, parents and children who are using the devices themselves.

Anyone is welcome to attend.

Come learn about the future of 3D printing technology and the medical field, why the prosthetics industry should welcome this technology and get more information on policy issues and the upcoming FDA regulatory workshops in October.

You will have the opportunity to learn how to create a device, meet vendors and get information on various 3D printers and will get to witness children receiving their first 3D printed hand devices created just for them by our e-NABLE volunteers.

We are making history and changing lives. We invite you to join us!

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Thanks to generous sponsors, families with children who have a need for a device as well as Veterans and Wounded Warriors – will be able to attend the conference for free.

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