The “Talon Hand”


A Father, who saw a Youtube video of two men creating a prosthetic mechanical hand for a little boy named Liam in South Africa who was born with no fingers on his hand – decided to create one of these devices for his own son who was also born with no fingers on his hand.

This Father took the original files that the two initial inventors published for free on the internet – and created a beautiful version that uses hand formed leather and a newer design.

The son lives just 1.5 hours away from one of the original designers and so when the father came to visit his son – they asked if they could come up and spend the day with the designer to show him how they created their version and teach him how to work the leather and make one to send to the original child all the way over in South Africa.

So – a father (Peter) who saw a man online (Ivan) creating the very first mechanical hand for a little boy named Liam – created a new and improved version for his own son Peregrine – and traveled hours to come teach one of the original designers how to make his version to send to the original little boy in South Africa that he saw in the video that inspired him to create one for his son.

It’s quite a beautiful thing.

You can see the full album of images in our “Talon Hand” album – HERE.

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