The e-NABLE Community has a variety of 3D printable upper limb assistive device designs available to those in need, but most of the designs require a functional wrist that can bend at least 30 degrees in either direction as well as most or all of their palm in order to make the device function properly.

For those that have a functional wrist with a full or partial palm, the e-NABLE Community has created a few designs that are able to function through the bending of the wrist which forces the fingers on the device to open and close. For these designs to work, recipients will need a functional wrist that can bend easily and enough palm to push against the palm portion of the design for leverage.

If you feel that the recipient will not have enough wrist and palm to use a wrist powered device, please visit our elbow powered devices page HERE.

Wrist Actuated Designs Currently Available:









• PYTHON HAND (works even if the wrist is not functional)

For help in deciding which device might work best for a specific limb difference – please feel free to ask our volunteers and designers in the Forums or the Google+ group who are happy to answer your questions and help guide you through the process of creating a 3D printed assistive device for yourself or someone you know!