A Year Of e-NABLING The Future

There really are no words to describe how much beauty has happened this year, thanks to our amazing volunteers, generous sponsors, wonderful families and the incredible individuals that all contributed to it all.

Some of our biggest accomplishments of 2014:

•We went from about 200 members of our e-NABLE family and community…to over 3200.

• Together, we created over 700 hands around the globe for those in need.

• We went from one basic design – to over 10 new designs for wrist driven hands and introduced myo-electric arms, elbow driven arms and the beginnings of exo-skeletons and even feet and legs.

• e-NABLE had it’s first “Prosthetists Meets Printers” conference with over 400 people in attendance – including prosthetists, medical professionals, families, occupational therapists, FDA representatives, surgeons and more – who all came to learn how to assemble e-NABLE devices.

Hundreds of boy and girl scouts assembled e-NABLE hands to send to children around the world in underserved countries who were born with no fingers or lost hands and arms due to disease, natural disaster or war.

• The “Hand-o-matic” software was created to help even more people have the opportunity to create hands for those in need.

• We were listed as one of the top searches for the year by Google.

• Over a dozen schools “adopted” e-NABLE recipients and incorporated the creation of free 3D printed hand design into their classrooms…not only changing the life of the child that received the hands – but the children that helped to create them.

There are many other wonderful things and awards that have taken place over this past year – but the most beautiful and amazing….is that people from all walks of life and from all around the world, are putting their differences aside to come together to make a difference…one hand, one arm, one smile at a time.

Thank you for being a part of our 2014 and we hope to continue to create even more smiles in 2015!

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    Hello…I am trying to get through to someone, but don’t seem to be able….My son, Paul, lost his left hand and lower part of his lower arm due to cancer..at 43, with a family or 3 children. He was a builder/plasterer….has started trying the artificial arm…but is frustrated as he wants something that works!!!And I also know he would love to work again.He does more with his stub, and the lower muscle that is left is very strong. He has been wonderful in accepting everything, but I know his desire is to be able to do everything as he use to….I would love and welcome some help, please. Thank you in anticipation….Jan

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Post authorReply

      Hello Janet!

      Please email us at letsgetstarted@enablingthefuture.org and our matcher can help you fill out the forms.
      If you already filled it out – please check your spam folder in case her response went there. 🙂

      It takes 1-2 weeks before we are able to get to new inquiries.

      Thank you!

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