e-NABLE has developed the Handomatic web application to make it easier to create custom sized STL files for printing e-NABLE hands.

Handomatic allows you to:

  • Enter your measurements
  • Select different models of hand, such as for people with no thumb
  • Preview the parts
  • Generate 3D printable STL files that get emailed to the email address provided

Handomatic does NOT:

  • Generate a request to order manufacturing of this product
  • Talk to a 3D printer

e-NABLE Handomatic for the new Raptor:

Server 1: http://webapp.e-nable.me
Server 2: https://e-nable.youmagine.com/

If you would like an e-NABLE volunteer to work with you through this process, or if your needs are not addressed by Hand-o-matic, please fill out the e-NABLE Intake Form.

20 thoughts on “Handomatic

  1. Trenton Hall Reply

    After entering all of the measurements and attempting to generate an .STL file, the file I generate and download is empty. It shows zero KB when I look at the file and won’t load in my 3d Printing software.

  2. Lance Reply


    I entered all of my measurements and generated a left handed, thumbless model. The palm model only has a hinge on one side and I assume its missing on the other side to accommodate the thumb but, how is this going to work? Doesn’t it need hinges on both sides? Are there any assembly directions for a thumbless cyborg beast?

    Thanks, great work, and looking forward to printing one.

  3. Lauren Baetsen Reply

    Everytime I try to generate STL files for the hand of the Cyborg Beast it brings me to a a HTTP 404 Not Found page. It was able to generate STL files for all the other parts of the hand but the palm is throwing errors. Any advice?

  4. lmb2zk Reply

    Everytime I try to generate STL files for the palm of the Cyborg Beast it takes me to a “HTTP 404 Webpage Not Found” it was able to generate the files for all the other parts but not the palm. Any advice?

  5. D Reply

    I am unable to scale the Cyborg Beast on the new Handomatic software. Any advice?

  6. Brian Reply

    looking to scale the Cyborg Beast but the handomatic is only giving me the option for the Raptor—any suggestions? Thanks Brian

    • Warm Fuzzy Revolutionist Reply

      Hi Brian!

      I believe this is it! I think we are going to be merging a few designs into the handomatic here soon so people can have a drop down menu and choose which one they want to use. 🙂


  7. Adrian Reply

    I recently downloaded the Raptor files from Handomatic and I couldn’t find the Finger Snap Pins. Maybe this parts could be included in “other parts’ file? (I need to ask this because I have no access to a laptop these days) Thank you so much

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Reply

      Did you get the files you needed? We had some hiccups with the handomatic for a bit.

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  9. limdan7 Reply

    Hi E-nable team. Thank you so much for this movement. I think you guys are real-world hero!

    I was trying to make left Cyborg no-thumb hand for my friend’s daughter, and entered 68m for R8 (this was the only input slot that I had).

    What they generated was [ThumbProximal-1, FingerProximal-4, Fingertip-4 , Guntlet-1, Thumbtip].

    I think it did not generate couple of parts like palms.

    In this case, what will be the best solution I can try?

    Once again, thank you so much for all of these!

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