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  1. Garrison Souder Reply

    Hello, My name is Garrison Souder. I am a STEM educator teaching Technology Education/ PLTW courses at my middle school. We utilize various wood and metal shop machines and tools to fabricate projects and also integrate autodesk inventor into the design process . I have acquired 3 3D printers for my school and I believe another on the way. I have always been interested in the mechanics of the human body and prosthetics. I am aiming to bring the concept of a 3d printed hand into my classroom and get my kids excited about it. I don’t think that part will be difficult. I would love to work the enable groups design into my classes and help integrate it into my curriculum for my county. Can you help. I was looking around to see what curriculum articles you have?? I really want to get my students thinking global and working to build a community. I look forward to hearing from you .

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Reply

      Hello Garrison!!

      We are actively working on getting some curriculum put together but it is still in the building process. We have a whole lot of teachers who have already done this in their classrooms that I am sure would be happy to share!

      If you are interested and want to sign up to help – please visit our “Get Involved page” and it has all the links you need to get started!

      There is a link to the intake form for both recipients and volunteers, a link to our forums for asking questions (and we have an education section) and also the Google+ group!

  2. KATZZZZZZ Reply

    Dear Enable,
    We are currently working on a hand and we were wondering if there are any rules or regulations regarding meeting our recepient and giving them the hand.

    Thank You 🙂

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Reply


      We dont have any “Rules” but we do have recommendations for safety for all.

      1. Meet only in public places (Mall food courts, libraries, coffee shops, school settings etc.)
      2. Never meet in each other’s homes (recipients or makers)
      3. Always take someone with you and tell someone where you are going.
      4. Basic internet safety stuff!

  3. Batchimeg Ulzii Reply

    Dear Enable,

    I am Batchimeg and I am from Mongolia. Non-governmental organization “Bid chadna” where I work wants to help 100 children which will be part of the “100 children, 100 hands” campaign. When I click the “form”, it is a form for individuals. What should I do to have 100 children gotten involved in your project via our campaign. Please let informed. I would also like to be informed about the cost. Thank you.

  4. Ltg Reply

    Hello, I’m a French student I would like to know if the materials needed for the assemble of a prothesis are available in France (cause the shipping price is very expensive…).
    We are currently working for an exam which the subject is about how prothesis can improve someone’s life so we are going to create a prothesis with 3D printer. I know that there is some volunteer of the association in France but I don’t really know how to proceed for buying materials. We will be very intrusted if we can implement this project with your association’s help 🙂
    (Sorry for bad English)

  5. lolli Reply

    good afternoon
    i would like help a morrocan children’s . I m french . the best it s buy to you a kit for hand or buy a imprimant 3D ? in morroco i see a orthopedic doctor ? cordially
    i speak french …sorry for my poor english thank you a lot for your work

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