e-NABLING FUN With 3D Printed Hands!

Every once in a while, we get a special treat from some of our families who have received an e-NABLE 3D printed hand.

Sometimes we get an email with updates on how they are doing and what they have been trying to do with their new devices, sometimes we get photos of children using their hands and every once in a while we get some fun video clips of the kids in action!

This is little Liam from South Africa – riding his bike while wearing his most recent “Talon Beast” hand that was created for him. Liam is the first little boy to ever get one of these 3d printed hands and the child that inspired the first design! It has been so amazing to watch him go from a clunky metal prototype hand and trying to pick up a ball with his new fingers – to riding a dirt bike with a 3D printed hand – like a pro!

Thank you to all of the parents and families that send us photos and videos to share with our volunteers! Seeing those smiling faces and wonderful photos of happy children – is what keeps us driven to continue volunteering our time and sharing our designs so that more and more children like Liam can do some of the things they haven’t ever been able to do before!

If you have had a device created for you or your child and would like to share photos or videos with the e-NABLE community – please do! Your smiles inspire us to keep creating!

You can email us at info@enablingthefuture.org!

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