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  • We are a volunteer network of digital humanitarians. We do not sell hands.
  • It can take weeks or even months to pair a recipient with a suitable maker (and vice verse)
  • e-NABLE’s 3D printed devices aren’t for everyone. In many cases, professional prosthetic consultation is required.
  • Volunteers and Recipient families are invited to join the Google+ Community  or seek assistance from volunteers in the forums!


If you submitted a test hand for approval to the Enable Community Foundation’s matcher team in order to become matched through their matching system with a recipient and would like an update on the status of your submission: Please email:

** Please note: is not part of the matching system of volunteers and recipients. does not guarantee that you will be matched with a recipient by going through the matching system set up by the Enable Community Foundation.


If you are interested in creating e-NABLE’s 3D printed hands for your school projects, using e-NABLE in your STEM/STEAM programs, have scouts troops or youth groups that would like to get involved in making a difference as e-NABLE Volunteers:

• Visit our Build A Hand page.
• Visit to join their hand challenge!

To potentially be matched with a recipient to make a hand for:
• Please contact the Enable Community Foundation by submitting info via their intake form here.

** Please note: is not part of the matching system of volunteers and recipients. does not guarantee that you will be matched with a recipient by going through the matching system set up by the Enable Community Foundation.


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  1. I am Marwa from Egypt and I want to help in this project please 🙂

  2. Hello , i ‘m from Argentina , sorry about muy english , i will be proud to help people from south/América , how can start todo do it

  3. Hi
    I am interested to help with your research,I am located in Denver Colorado, I also have 3 fingers missing on my right hand, please let mne know how I can help, Thanks

    • Hello Tony! Thank you!

      Please visit our Google+ group and introduce yourself, feel free to add yourself to our map and chime in anywhere you feel you can help! We are glad to have you!

  4. Hi I’m a 2D/3D Artist/Designer in games and film. I have a big interest in designing and learning the engineering for prosthetics. I should be acquiring a 3D printer (micro3D) within 7-8 months. I guess I will join the Google+ group and introduce myself.

  5. Hi dear all, It’s Nicolas from Bionicohand project, we met with john, Nick and the others at Maker Faire in SAn Mateo. John, again I didn’t receive the invitation. Can you send me your and everybody s contact again about the myoelectric prosthesis. By any chance do you have the contact of the students in Guatemala?? It was great to meet you, let’s do it together!
    Kind regards and hello to all the kids you have helped so far!

  6. My daughter is not having left hand below elbow by birth. Can you please provide your contact details as staying in India, so that I can acquire 3d printing hand for my daughter.

  7. Hello I am from Omaha, Nebraska. My daughter was born missing her left hand and forearm. Would love more information on how we can get involved in this.

    • Hello Susi! We have some folks doing research studies over there in Nebraska at Creighton University! We also have some folks near you that may be able to print out parts if the study group is full. 🙂

      If you can please email us at – I can forward your email and information to the folks at Creighton to see if they have room in the study or see if we need to match you with the matcher team to find a volunteer near you!

  8. Hello, I am Joshua Lee. My son was born without left hand and want to have this marvelous 3-D hand. He is 9 year-old-boy. We lives in Northern Virginia close to Dulles International Airport. Do you know some folks who can help us to have this hands in the area?

  9. Hello,

    My son was born without left hand. Now he is 9 year-old-boy.
    When he saw this great hand, he said ‘Awesome’.
    I want to give my son chance to have left hand using this 3-D technology.

    We lives in Northern Virginia near to Dulles International Airport. Please connect us to anyone who know how to make this hands. THANKS.

  10. I was born without my right arm. As a kid I had a hook arm but found it to be impractical and have not used it for about twenty years. Resently I wanted to do some artistic activities with my children and began to look to see what was available and was not inpress with quality or price until I found u guys. How do I go about getting one?

  11. Do any of you hands contain electric actuators that actually pull/push the wires re a rotating threaded shaft or such. i.e. to perhaps drive the first finger and thumb in a controlled motion. I’d be interested in the design of such.

  12. I am the father of a wonderful lil girl born with a amniotic band, which stunted the growth of her hand in the womb. I was wondering wgere I would sign up or who to write about information on the prosthetics. Thank you for your GREAT work.


  13. Hi i’m a mother to a 7 year old, who was born without a left hand. I’ve been in this website now and i’m interested in seeing if I can be contacted at my e-mail, please. We live in colorado springs, CO and i do not know what to do or talk to for him to have another that’s why I ask your help. Thank you! (:

  14. Hi, I ‘m a mother of a 3 month old baby who was born without his right arm from below the elbow due to the amniotic band syndrome. I would appreciate if you could provide us with some details regarding the prosthetics. Thank you for your help.

    Nada Leko (from Croatia, Europe

    • Hello Nada!

      Thank you for your message!

      We do not recommend putting these devices on infants and toddlers – as some of the parts are very small and pose a choking hazard. We suggest waiting until your child is at least 3 years old before fitting them with one of our designs. We are currently working on an arm design that will hopefully be ready soon and by the time your lil one is ready for a device – we expect that they will look even cooler than they do right now! 🙂

  15. Hello. My name is Omar. My little cousin was born two day ago and it was a mixture of feelings for the whole family. We rejoiced together when we got to see this little baby for the first time. We knew from that moment that he is now part of our family and that he will be greatly loved. But we couldn’t help feeling saddened also as we found out just that day that his right hand couldn’t fully develop, the doctors say even with therapy his hand won’t ever be normal, he is missing most part of each finger of his right hand. We live in Mexico, is there a way to access your program and your wonderful work in our country? My cousin is a newly born baby, but I would like to do something for him, and know that when he grows up he can have a better chance than he does now of living a normal life. Thanks for everything you’ve already done for so many.

    • Hello Omar! Thank you for your message. I love your heart and how much you already love this lil one!

      When he gets bigger – we will have even more options for him! Please keep watching and please let us know when his doctors say it is ok to make hands for him. We usually recommend they wait until at least 3-4 years old but by the time he is this age – our designs will be even better and may work for him sooner!

  16. Hey, I’m interested in helping out and am considering getting a 3-D printer. I was wondering what I should be looking for in a printer to be able to contribute. For example, any minimum dimensions or whether it has to be able to use a certain material. I don’t know much about the printers so I don’t know how much they vary!

  17. My daughter Megan 13 years old, has left limb deficiency since birth. She was fitted as a young child for prosthetic limb but found it heavy and cumbersome and has not worn one since age five. Your prosthesis appears much more functional and lighter! How can we get in touch with you to determine if she can be a candidate for one of your remarkable prosthesis?

  18. Hi my son (Ashton) was born without a left hand hes four and we are currently going back and forth in a long process to get him approved for a prosthetic hand through our insurance. How would I go about donating to this project and getting him a hand printed?

    • Hello Ashley! We would be happy to help find a volunteer near you that can help get parts printed! You can email our matcher team at and they will find someone near you to get parts made! We have a donate button up at the top of the page – but we never ask for compensation. If you would like to donate – the funds donated get used for exactly this – making hands for people in need! 🙂

  19. Not sure where to look but I came across this organization while watching YouTube videos on robotic hands that were featured on I have a new 3D printer and have been fine tuning it and think I can help out the group soon. My initial idea is to surprise/help a coworker that has a prosthetic claw/clamp on his left arm for lack of a better description. I believe most or all of his forearm was lost to cancer and replaced with some type of wood/polymer arm with the claw end. I do know he has described it as having shoulder straps so perhaps he controls it buy moving his other arm to open and close the claw. What I am looking for is a direction to look for someone who has already designed a hand for this type of situation as the regular designs seem to rely on the wrist bending to close the fingers. If it has not been designed yet then perhaps some area where I could investigate the idea further to see if I could make it possible.

  20. Hello.
    Sorry… English isn´t my first language.
    I´m Ignacio from Santander (North of Spain).
    My 5 years old son was born missing the fingers from his right hand. Would love to get involved in this amazing project.
    I´ll send an email to those directions posted above.

    Best Regards.

  21. I am doing a research project and I was wondering who could help me with my project by answering some questions about 3D printed limbs.

  22. Hello, I am Juan and my daughter was born with SDS and i have requested a hand from you guys. I am so greatful for what you all are doing, i wish to help and maybe partner with someone here in the coastal bend area to put these hands together for other needy kids. Please let me now what i must do in order to make this happen i have all ready filled out the application requesting to be a volunteer, and have also messged a potential volunteer with a printer here in corpus. Thank you and i look foward to recieving the device for my daughter.

    • Hello Juan! Looks like you have already done everything you need to do! We are trying to catch up with all of the new requests we just got due to the conference we just held last weekend so it may be a while before we have anyone to match you to! Let us know when you get your daughter’s hand! We love to share photos and stories of smiling kids with their enable hands!

  23. My son is 4 years old and also was born with just a fist on his left and 3 little fingers that are fused togeather on his right. I am in desperate need for one of these hands. I have not been able to get any resources or any help with his coverage. He sees Dr. Haney in Oakland California. But they have not said anything about getting him a prosthetic hand. If you can please contact me via email at OJ OMD or feel free to call me at 925-565-7409 I live in Brentwood California and I am in desperate need for help from my son

  24. Hi i’m a mother to a 4 year old girl who was born without fingers on right hand. I’ve been in this website now and i’m interested in seeing if I can be contacted at my e-mail, please. We live in Croatia, Europe, and this is something new for us and something that gives us a hope. My daughter is little genius with lots of questions why, but there is no an answer. I promised her that one day she will have fingers on right hand like on the left. Help me to make my promise come true. Thank you!

  25. This is amazing. I don’t have a 3D printer but was wondering if you ever heard of Erb’s Palsy? My daughter has that and was born with her entire arm and hand paralyzed. She does have some use now, but do you think it is possible to create something to use on the entire arm and hand?

    • Hi Jami!

      We are working on a prototype just for this very thing! Its called the “Airy Arm” and is still in the very beginning stages and no where near ready to test on people but hoping to have something in the next 6-12 months!

  26. Hi my nepweh has the same problem, they wanted to take his toes from his feet to put fingers “are u kidding me” I’m so happy that I found this my nephew will be so happy he has been searching for something he such a smart kid, but itdoes afaffect him when ppl stared at him.. its amazing how God works because I was looking for a job and I came across the video of the little girl with robotic hand… I was overwhelm to my nephew and here we are trying to reach out to you guys to thank you guys for rhe amazing things you aee doing! Things like this ppl like you are blessings… I hope you guys can help me ansd my nephew he has gont through theraphy l, his father death (my brother) and his mother had an addition after my brother death, he has been a strong boy since he was very little and still dealing with the situation of him being so called diffrent we would appreciate if you can give us information in regards to the hand. Please my nephew is 10 and since he has been 5 he has been searching for a miracle like this…. please reply to us we would appreciate a lot!

  27. Hello I was moved today by the story I seen in the local paper about Hayley Fraser and the amazing new hand and new start she has been given because of the remarkable work E-Nable do.

    My son Myles Codona also has the same condition Symbrachydactyly as Haylay.

    Myles was born with a full thumb and a 1/4 of an index finger which we had extended with the bone from his toe ( a similar operation to what Hayley was offered ) when he was 1 year old.

    The bone graft has grown with Myles but not in a straight usable position to form a penciller grip and as a result now at the age of 8 he is having further surgery to try and and straighten the bone on October 13th.

    Myles has in the past went through phases of feeling inferior to his piers and often has had a desire to be the same as all the other children and have two hands so you can image his reaction when he seen Hayley and what E-Nable has provided her with.

    I understand that you are a US based company and that you probably have limited funding but if it was an option for Myles to have a hand made by E-Nable we as parent would be happy to fund it for him and as a result it would be great if someone could let us know if this is an option for Myles.

    I would also like to get involved in helping out and have an idea on how we could possible set up a clinic offering access to a 3D scanner to people who attend the same hand clinic in Glasgow as Myles and if it comes to fruit we could roll it out over Scotland and the UK and beyond so it would be great if someone could get in touch by email.

    Jodi Codona

  28. I am from Dallas TX and my 10 year old son was born without a left hand. He saw the news video on the Iron Man Hand and I promised to buy him one. Is there a main contact for E-Nable that I need to reach out to to start the process? Please advise and thank you.

  29. This is amazing!! My daughter was born without her right hand and forearm, stopping about half way between her elbow and what would have been her wrist. Would this printed hand work for her?

    • Nevermind, I see you have answered my question in an earlier comment 🙂
      *We do not recommend putting these devices on infants and toddlers – as some of the parts are very small and pose a choking hazard. We suggest waiting until your child is at least 3 years old before fitting them with one of our designs. We are currently working on an arm design that will hopefully be ready soon and by the time your lil one is ready for a device – we expect that they will look even cooler than they do right now!

  30. I am Akira from Japan. I want to help this project. I have 3Dprinting service company and some 3D printers. And I can design some mechanism. Please.

  31. Hi I have a 11month codenamed Julius that has abs on his right hand and I look at all the options for Julius doctors wanted to split his hand to look like a claw but I turn that down then they suggested that we remove toes to place on his hand I I turn that down as well but I always thought about a robot it hand I just figured it was to good to be true until now this organization has given me hope for Julius future how can I help out.

  32. Hi,

    really glad i found this site and was really overwhelmed with such a great project and shows what a community of generous people can achieve.

    I would love to help out anyway I can and I’m based in the uk with a creative design background.

    My son was born with no left fingers or thumb and I’m really keen to get him on his way with a little help from you guys.

    Could you help refer me to a trusted 3d printer in the USA who would deliver to me over in the uk?

    Any help and advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks jack and little Hudson

  33. Hi, I tried to join the community to share the story of a 4-year-old girl who could really use the help but it said you need an invitation to join. Thanks.

  34. Hi ,

    I am Michael from Bangalore India. My daughter Rachel is having the left upper arm missing ( below the elbow) by birth. She is now 2 years and I want to be involved and help this project. I need guidance on how to print one for my kid in India.

  35. Hello,
    My name is Daniella and I am a student at Convent of the Sacred Heart in New York City. We are currently working with e-nable to make a hand for a boy named Isaac, who is six years old. Isaac is very excited about his brand new hand, and the only request he made was that he wanted us to incorporate Legos in the design. I were wondering if there is anyone who would be wanted to help me take this one step further, by donating a Lego depiction of Isaac with his prosthetic hand. I thought that making a lego that resembled Isaac and had a prosthetic hand, it would make him feel very special. If this is something that you would be interested in doing or helping me do, please contact me.

  36. HI. I’m Carina from Barcelona
    I would like to show your project in a temporary exhibition in the design Museum and I need to contact you to send our proposal.
    How can I get more information about you? maybe we can print some prothesis in Barcelona to exhibit but I don’t know where.
    Have you any videos and pictures un HiRes?
    I’d sent 2 emailis to but I still have no answer
    Regards and go on with your project.
    Good work

  37. Hi my name is Anthony, and I am working on building a 3D printing initiative at the University of Virginia and would love to work with you guys to help make hands for the surrounding community of Charlottesville or further away, since we have a wide variety of 3D printers on campus. How can I get plugged in?

  38. Hi

    I joined some months ago, also the Google group, but a friend was looking in the map and I seem not to be on anymore?

    • Hi Keith!
      We migrated the map I think and some of the entries may have been lost. Can you please email our matcher at and have her check that for you? 🙂

  39. My name is todd im 48 yrs old I lost my left arm in a trucking wreck 4 years ago.i need a left arm no one wants to help us im willing to try wat rve

  40. I am receiving notices via email from e-NABLE thanking me for volunteering but the emails keep telling me to fill out the volunteer form which I have read completely once and filled out twice. Am I a member yet?
    I do NOT want to be a member of WordPress. I do NOT need their service but if membership is mandatory I will consider joining. I would prefer to just receive notices and info via plain .msn email.
    Phoenix, AZ

  41. Hello, I am 15 years old and I live in Houston,Tx. And I was born without the majority of my right hand. I only have my carpals and my metacarpal on my thumb. I was looking between the Raptor Hand and the Second Degree Hand, But in not too sure because i dont have the phalanges on my thumb. I was wondering where I should contact to maybe have a prosthetic fitted and made for me. Please let me know

    • Hello Madeline! If you can email us at – it will take you to your intake form where we can get your information and see about getting you matched with a maker! Make sure you check your spam folder after you fill it out – for some reason the response from our matcher address seems to go there. 🙂

  42. Hi! My name is Cristina. Im a pediatric occupational therapist living in Miami. I currently work for Miami Children’s Hospital and was recently informed of your company through a patient I see due to a congenital hand deformity. I think what you are doing is AMAZING! Where do i sign up!

  43. e-NABLE is a wonderful organization now how do I find the “center” of it? MAKE Magazine Vol 42 has rated over 25 3D printers. I made an Excel spreadsheet of the printers with prices and some of their features. I would be happy to share my spreadsheet to people considering buying a printer but where do I send it? Where do I ask questions on what printer build sizes and features are important? What type of plastic is used for e-NABLE prosthetics?

    • Hello! I believe our member Andreas will be posting some info on this very soon. Most likely after the holidays are over!

  44. Julie Jean Watkins
    Is there anyone that could help me get long arms. I was born with arms of 5-6 inches I have 3 fingers on one had and 3 and a half on the other. If you check my picture out you will see. Many thanks julie Jean Watkins xxx

  45. Hello! I recently visited RIT, where I had the good fortune of waking into the E-Nable Lab. I thought it was an amazing initiative, and talked mainly with the creator of the Raptor Adaptor. He gave his e-mail to send him information about the Teleton program that helps children with disabilities in Mexico, but has now expanded to the US as well. Unfortunately,in all the chaos of the travelling I have done in the past few weeks, the slip of paper was lost, but I would love to relay the information to him regardless. Hopefully this is a good place to reach him.

  46. I have a 12-yr old student that was born with only one arm. He manages to do most everything in class and the other kids help with the rest. Is there any way to find out if he could be a candidate for one of your arms?

    • Hi Elizabeth! If he has an elbow or wrist that can bend – our designs will work – but if he does not – we have not created anything for above elbow limb differences YET. 🙂 But I have a feeling we will get there sooner than later!

  47. Hi, having trouble leaving post on community site. So I was wondering if our group could print lower half of both legs for a 40 year old lady. She lost her legs when she was 18 in car accident. Her legs were removed below the knee. Please let me know if we can help. Thanks Bruce Newell

    • Hi Bruce – we don’t do legs or lower limbs of any kind as those are more weight bearing and should be designed by medical professionals and professional prosthetists to avoid injury from falls or broken parts.

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