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Thank you for your interest in helping us to “Enable The Future” and “Give A Helping Hand” to those who are in need of an upper limb assistive device! There are many opportunities to volunteer with the e-NABLE Community and you can find some of your options below!

If you would like to become a volunteer – please see some suggestions below for ways in which you can help out the growing global e-NABLE Community of volunteers and recipients!



Step 1: Familiarize yourself with e‑NABLE’s Code of Conduct

It’s important that you understand and follow some simple rules when working with e‑NABLE. This is to protect you, as well the people you make devices for (many of whom are minors). Please read e‑NABLE’s Code of Conduct carefully.

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the current e‑NABLE designs available

Spend some time browsing the designs on We try to keep that site up-to-date with the latest designs available. Each design page includes a link for downloading the files for 3D printing.

If you’re unsure which design to start with, the Unlimbited Phoenix is e‑NABLE’s current recommended design. It’s relatively easy to fabricate and assemble and is one of the most popular designs currently.

Step 3: Make a test device

Once you pick a design to start with, you should create a test device and submit it for approval. Since this device isn’t being created for a specific recipient, it can be made in any size, but we recommend that you use a scale of 120-135%. At 100% scale, the device will be too small for most people, and it will be harder to assemble at that size. 120-135% is a common size range for younger recipients, and it will be easier to assemble the device.

Most of the designs featured on include links to instructions and/or video tutorials to help you get started.

3D Universe offers assembly materials kits for some of the most popular e‑NABLE designs. Assembly materials can also be purchased individually from various online or local sources.

Step 4: Submit your test device for approval

Once you have 3D printed and assembled a test device, visit the e‑NABLE forums and submit a video of your device for approval. This post provides details of what you should submit, including a sample video.

Step 5: Claim your Credly badges

Once your device is approved, you’ll be given instructions for claiming your “Test Device Approved” badge from Credly. Credly is a free service used by e‑NABLE to keep track of who is authorized for each design.

Visit Credly and create a free account for yourself. Then visit e‑NABLE’s Credly page to see a list of available badges.

Once you have claimed your “Test Device Approved” badge, you should also claim the device specific badges for the design you were approved for. There are two badges for each design – one for fabrication and one for assembly. So, for example, if you were approved for the Unlimbited Phoenix design, you would claim the “Unlimbited Phoenix – Fabrication” and the “Unlimbited Phoenix – Assembly” badges. These device-specific badges are used by the e‑NABLE Web Central application (discussed later) to determine which volunteers can offer help with each individual device request.

Step 6: Learn how to properly size e‑NABLE devices

Before you start making devices for actual recipients, it’s important to learn how to properly size a device. Please watch the video tutorial series created by Peter Binkley, found here.

To follow this process, you’ll need to download a free copy of Blender, which can be found here.

You’ll also need to download Peter Binkley’s e‑NABLE Device Sizing Blender File, here.

Watch the videos carefully. Then watch them a second time, following along and pausing the videos as you follow each step of the process.

Step 7: Create an account on e‑NABLE Web Central

e‑NABLE Web Central is a web-based application used to connect individuals seeking to receive e‑NABLE devices with volunteers offering to make them. Visit e‑NABLE Web Central and create an account for yourself.

Be sure to select the “Fabricator” and/or “Device Assembler” roles during the registration process (or you can select them from the Edit Profile screen), or you won’t be able to see the volunteering related pages within e‑NABLE Web Central.

Step 8: Find Someone Who Needs a Device and Offer to Help

e-NABLE Web Central is a self-service matching platform. So once you’ve created an account for yourself, you need to go to Browse Cases (under the Volunteering menu) and find a case that looks like something you can assist with, ideally in your geographic area. Once you find a case, you can click the “Offer to Help” button to offer assistance in one of several roles for that case.

The Experienced Volunteer role is responsible for reviewing the sizing photos and determining the most appropriate device type and size.

The Fabricator role is responsible for 3D printing the parts for a device.

The Device Assembler role is responsible for assembling a device and delivering it to the end-user.

You are welcome to offer to help with any or all of these roles for any given case.

Once you have made an offer to help, the case creator will need to review and accept your offer. Then you can proceed with producing the device.

Before making a device for a recipient, we recommend that you have them sign a Release and Waiver of Liability and a Photo/Video Release Agreement.

Step 9: Join e‑NABLE’s Google+ community

e‑NABLE’s Google+ community is a good place to ask questions if you need further assistance.

Step 10: Join a local e‑NABLE chapter – or start a new one

A list of e‑NABLE chapters can be found here. Feel free to reach out to nearby chapters to see how you can get involved with them. You can also start a new chapter in your area.



• Start an e-NABLE Chapter in your area! If you do not find an established e-NABLE Chapter near you and would be interested in starting one – please fill out the information intake form and our Chapters coordinator will help to guide you and connect you with other chapters who might mentor you!
Claim your “e-NABLE Community ChapterBadge!

• If you have access to a 3D printer and would like to help create unassembled hand kits for end users – please visit our “Donate A Hand Kit” Page HERE.

Claim the “Donated A hand“, “e-NABLE Community Hand Kit Donor badges!

• Become an “e-NABLE Social Butterfly” and earn a badge for sharing e-NABLE Community stories, videos, blog posts and images on your own social media channels to help spread the word about the community!

• Display e-NABLE Community devices and information at events and Makerfaires to share the work of the global community and reach out to local families and recipients as well as school groups who might be interested in participating! You can find promotional materials HERE.
Claim your “Event Organizer” or “Participant” e-NABLE Event badges!

Feel free to seek guidance from the e-NABLE Community Volunteers through the Google+ Community and  the forums!


• e-NABLE is a volunteer network of digital humanitarians.

• 3D printed e-NABLE Community devices aren’t for everyone. In many cases, professional prosthetic consultation is required.



If you are interested in creating e-NABLE’s 3D printed hands for your school projects, using e-NABLE in your STEM/STEAM programs, have scouts troops or youth groups that would like to get involved in making a difference as e-NABLE Volunteers and find matches to make devices for:
If you are interested in simply using the design files in your classrooms as educational tools and service learning projects, please feel free to do so, as the designs are all open-source and free to use and create!

If you are a school or educational group and are interested in purchasing a 3D printer for your students/group and need help in deciding which machine to purchase, please contact who can help guide you to a 3D printer that will best suit your classroom and group needs! Please make sure to tell him that you are specifically looking for a 3D printer to use to create e-NABLE devices!

If you would like to become official e-NABLE Community School Groups and Chapters and potentially get recipients to create devices for – please see the steps below:

STEP 1: Teachers/Leadersplease Join the Google+ Community and:
Claim your Joined Google+“, “Introduced Self In the Google+ Community and e-NABLE Volunteer” badge!”

STEP 2: Locate the files for the design that you would like to print for your test hands: Suggestions – Phoenix or Raptor Reloaded
Claim your 3D Printed an e-NABLE Hand badge.

STEP 3: 
Assemble your test hand device and share images and video in the e-NABLE Community Forums “Approvals and Submissions” section to get your test hand approved!
Claim your “Assembled a 3D printed e-NABLE hand badge!

STEP 4: Once your test hand has been approved by another e-NABLE Volunteer/Mentor, please:
Claim your “Test Hand Approved” badge.

STEP 5: Please visit the e-NABLE Chapters page and register your school/library/makerspace or scout group as an e-NABLE Chapter.

STEP 6. Please create an e-NABLE Chapter Facebook page or website – for your group/school – and let us know about it so we can follow your work!
Please claim one of the following badges:
e-NABLE Community School
e-NABLE Community Library
e-NABLE Community Makerspace
e-NABLE Community Scout Troop

STEP 7: If your students/group would like to allow recipients to find you and contact you directly for assistance, please make sure to add yourselves to the e-NABLE Chapters map so that your students can create a device or tool for them!
Claim your e-NABLE Community Chapter Badge!

STEP 8: Please follow us on twitter and instagram – ( @enablethefuture  )- as well as Facebook and use the #enablethefuture hashtag to share your classroom images when you wish to do so! We love to see e-NABLE in your classrooms!
Claim your “e-NABLE Social Butterfly” badge!

STEP 9: If you have created your own e3STEAM e-NABLE Based curriculum and would like to share it with other students and schools, please feel free to share by:
Claiming your “Created e-NABLE e3STEAM Curriculum” badge!

STEP 10: If you would like to send your hands to those in need for our underserved e-NABLE Chapters, to be used in educating clinicians how to use 3D printed devices and for helping to teach other schools who do not have access to 3D printers about this project – please consider mailing your completed devices to our volunteer Maria Esquela, who will package them up and ship them to locations where the need is great and your completed hands will find homes with children and adults who need them!

Please ship to:
ATTN: Maria Esquela
1260 Stevens Avenue
Arbutus, MD 21227

Claim your “Donated an e-NABLE Device” badge

• Feel free to incorporate the community chapters logo into your own if you would like! You can find the file HERE!

Other ways to volunteer:

• Join the Google+ community and collaborate on designs! (Earn the “e-NABLE Community Designer” and “Designed a 3D printed e-NABLE device” badges!)
• Participate in our CREATE T.I.M.E. Challenges! (Earn a “Participant” badge!)
• Create video tutorials or written instructions! (Earn your “Tutorial Creator” badge!)
• Greet people in the Google+ Community and help them out as they get started! (Earn your “Google+ Greeter” badge!)
• Display e-NABLE at a booth at an event and share about the Community and potentially meet individuals in need of devices in person! (Earn your “Event Participant” badge!)
Print hand kits for hand-a-thon events for scout troops, schools, libraries or medical training groups who want to assemble devices as learning tools or training purposes and to donate them to e-NABLE Chapters in need. (Earn your Donated a hand kit badge!)
• Design fun themed versions of the current devices and share the files so that makers and families can enjoy them! (Earn your Artistic designer” and “Created a themed device” badges!)
• Hold a “Hand-a-thon” at your local school, library, makerspace or scouting event and donate the completed hands to to ship to those in need in underserved locations! (Earn your “Organized a Hand-a-thon” and “Hand-a-thon Participant” badges!)

Check out the e-NABLE GOOGLE+ Community and Forums!
• Google+ Community


NOPRINTERIf you do not have access to a 3D printer but are interested in finding one in your community so that you can help print devices, please visit the 3D Printing Options page for ideas on where you might locate a 3D printer in your area!



• Locate an established e-NABLE Community Chapter group near you and connect with them to reach out into your local communities! If you do not find an established chapter near you and would like to start an e-NABLE Chapter in your area, please fill out this information/intake form and our Chapter Coordinator will assist you! (We appreciate your patience, as we are all volunteers and it may be a few days before you hear back from someone. We will get back to you as soon as we can but there may be times when we have to attend to our day jobs, families and family emergencies or commitments and your patience as we try to keep up, is much appreciated!)


** is not part of the matching system of volunteers and recipients. does not guarantee that you will be matched directly with a recipient by going through the matching system or any other e-NABLE Volunteer chapters!

Visit our e-NABLE Chapters Map!



• e-NABLE is a volunteer network of digital humanitarians. We are not a “Company” or a “Business.” We do not sell hands.

• 3D printed e-NABLE Community devices aren’t for everyone. In many cases, professional prosthetic consultation is required.


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