Groups for Parents with children who have upper limb differences:
Born Just Right
• ABS Awareness
• Tj’s Nubby
• My Special Hand
• Little Cool Hand Luke
• Living One Handed
• Helping Hands
• Reach (UK Based)
• Camp No Limits
Helping Hands Foundation
• Abbi’s Helping Hands

Informational Websites
• Amniotic Band Syndrome
• Congenital Hand Anomalies via Johns Hopkins NetOrthoDoc
• Alive with Five

7 thoughts on “Upper Limb Differences – Support

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  2. pam Reply

    I’m looking for the link to your assisting frames from partial paralysis in hands. To pass onto a friend. I am currently getting my quad amputee daughter. 11 years of age an enable hand. She has 1 elbow joint only. But is very active.

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Post authorReply


      We do not actually have any files yet available for the exo-skeleton design. It is still in the very early design phase and not ready for sharing yet. Once it is – it will be listed on our pages!

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