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  • e-NABLE’s 3D printed devices aren’t for everyone. In many cases, professional prosthetic consultation is required.
  • Volunteers and Recipient families are invited to join the Google+ Community  or seek assistance from volunteers in the forums!


If you are interested in creating e-NABLE’s 3D printed hands for your school projects, using e-NABLE in your STEM/STEAM programs, have scouts troops or youth groups that would like to get involved in making a difference as e-NABLE Volunteers:

Become an e-NABLE Chapter at your local school and put yourselves on the map so that recipients in your local area can find you and connect with  you directly! Once you become an official chapter or the teacher in charge of the class becomes an e-NABLE Volunteer, you can sign up to be matched directly with a recipient by going to our “e-NABLE Web Central” matching app.
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  1. Jennifer Reply

    Hi, my name is Jennifer and I want to congrats you for your good work.
    I have a nice in Ecuador that she born without a hand (elbow to hand). Can you guys help her too?
    Thanks in advance and God bless you!!!

  2. Adriana Villalta Reply

    Hola! escribo desde Venezuela… Estoy fascinada de toda la informacion que existe al respecto del tema. Tengo una bebe de 2 años de edad quien nacio sin mano izquierda, a pesar de que me costo muchisimo comprender su condicion me gustaria muchisimo mejorar su calidad de vida con una protesis adecuada para ella. Podrian ayudarme y orientarme a que debo hacer?

  3. ariel Reply

    Hello I live in Georgia my name is Ariel I am looking for help. My mom lost a arm in a car accident and I am looking for a program that can help me get her a prosthetic arm we have low income. So please if you can help me email me for more information we are in Grady Georgia hospital tthank you

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Post authorReply

      Hello Ariel – so sorry to hear about your Mom’s accident. 🙁

      Sounds like it may have just happened as you state you are still in the hospital?

      Because she has had a traumatic injury and amputation – it will be quite a few months before her wounds are healed and she will need to work with a prosthetists to make one of these devices for her as she will have nerve damage and all sorts of pain to get through before she should strap any kind of device to her stump.

      Once she has healed up and has been given the go ahead by a physician – we would be happy to see if we can help but our current devices are only able to help people who have a functional wrist or elbow – so if she lost her arm above the elbow – we do not currently have a design for her – but we have a team who is working on myo-electric versions and by the time she is ready to try one – they may have more funding to provide something for her.

      Take care and we hope she heals quickly.

  4. Gloria Reply

    Hello my name is Gloria.I’m looking for help.I’m very interested.My daughter was born with no fingers on her left hand.The doctors told us a amniotic band wrapped around her hand and stopped her hand from growing.We’ve taken her to several hospitals.The only that tried helping was Shriners hospital they gave us a option.It was removing two toes & placing them on her hand.I totally don’t want that. She is know 2 & starting to notice her hand more.She is a happy,playful & full of life little girl.Her Ot therapist mentioned “enabling the future”.I’ve seen everything you do & that’s awesome what you guys are doing.God bless you!!
    So please if you could help
    We’ll really appreciate it
    I want the best for my daughter’s future
    Thank you for your time

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Post authorReply

      Hello Gloria!

      We would be happy to help make a hand for her! Please fill out our intake form and get started on getting matched! 🙂


  5. Daisha Reply

    Hello! I’m completely amazed but the gifts of everyone on your team. It’s a blessing to see such positivity in the world. I’ve lost an eye due to a very rare cancer and I’m not a candidate for a prosthetic eye. Do you guys have any plans for eyes in the near future? Thanks so much! God bless

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Post authorReply

      Hello Daisha!

      So sorry to hear about your eye loss! Unfortunately, no, we do not have plans for eyes. Anything that would have to go inside of someone’s body would need to be created by a medical professional and use very different materials than what our volunteers use on their home based printers – but I wouldn’t give up hope that 3D printed eyes will exist someday, somewhere!!

      Take care and thank you for stopping by!!

  6. Catherine Finedore Reply

    My name is Catherine, I am a junior studying biomedical engineering at the University of Wisconsin Madison. I am also studying textile and design so that I can create designs that are more comfortable for individuals, that won’t cause chaffing or irritations from being constantly worn. I also wanted to be able to create designs that could be easily washed and can adapt to fit that individuals mood, outfit, or possibly halloween costume. When I saw this my heart skipped a beat I was so excited! I couldn’t believe what was being designed, and I knew I had to get involved some how. I am collaborating with a group of students who are trying to find a prosthetic company who would be willing to help us, or sponsor us, in designing a prosthetic limb that is affordable, fully functional, customizable, and personalized. I am reaching out in the hopes that we might be able to work with you to design different versions of your hand. If there is any way that we could help please let us know.

    I also want to thank you for your time in advance and I hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you again.

  7. Chris Williams Reply

    I have a production grade 3D FDM printing machine and am willing to utilize our machine to make components for your program.

    How do I get involved?

  8. Gauthier Reply

    Dear E-nable community,

    Many amputees can’t use these prosthetics because of an amputation higher than the middle of the hand.

    We want to go further than the ‘Limbitless arm’, adding a wrist and an elbow on a new design.

    A friend (who happen to be double amputee), a prosthetist, an electronician, a 3D designer and I, started to gather and structure a fair amount of informations, contacts and know-how about the creation of a myo-electric prosthetic, CAO, and 3D printing and started the project of a collaborative creation of a myo-electric prosthetic. I would be glad to share it, to find some people to work with. The project already found some marks sothat it may be time to open it to the community…

    There is a forum that give an historic of the project (in french and still a bit messy) but a well structured Google drive account that gathers the info and the first creations.

    Here is the link to the forum:
    Please write me at (kervyngauthier@gmail.com) if you want to get access to the data/ to help.

    There is still much to do, but many aspects have been studied and it should be confortable to integrate new participants.
    People working with motors and electronician might enjoy it very much aswell. There are also one or two things to do about communication and translation(from french).

    As I have been working on the 3D modelling of a 3D printed socket, people working with Blender would find a beautifull technique to apply on any patient.

    Thank you,

    : )

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Post authorReply

      Please visit our “Get involved” page and fill out our intake form and we can get started finding someone that might be able to help! http://enablingthefuture.org/get-involved/ – sometimes these devices will work for people and sometimes they wont. But if she has a parent/guardian that would like to fill out the forms and see if there is anything we can do – please have them fill those out!

  9. Chris Williams Reply

    Jen – I have already filled out the Get Involved form.

    Can you let me know what the next step is going to be?



  10. joan hall Reply

    Hi, my name is Joan. What you are doing is such a beautiful gift to others. I was wondering and hoping you may be able to help my brother. He was born without a hand. He is in his late thirties and has dealt with this all his life and I still see him struggle to do things and not be able to do other things. It’s so heartbreaking. It would be so wonderful to see him benefit from this project. Can you help him?
    Thank you.

  11. Angel Reply

    Hello, i was wondering if is possible to make a leg and foot for a person.

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Post authorReply

      We are not able to do so at this time. Our home based printers can not print strong enough materials to hold up a person.

  12. margenia diaz Reply

    Hello I joined about a year ago because my son julius was born with ASB. And I am now able to freely express my wants and needs for him without crying. I want to see if I can be matched up with some one that van help me get him a 3d hand made ??
    Concerned mother

  13. Dannithza Figueroa Reply

    Hi my name is Dannithza and my nephew also would like to obtain a robotic hand if you could let us know how and what we need to do to get him one he just turn 12 on April 17 and this boy is the greatest boy, he was born with no palm and little tiny fingers, his grandparents have taken him to numerous therapy offices and therapy to cope with his life to overcommend this situation in his life.. His father died when he was a a 2 years and his mother was really never there because of a drug abused problem I’m his aunt and would like to surprise him with one of these wonderful hands…
    God bless all for your doings…

  14. Annette mckenna Reply

    Hi my name is Annette I live in Ireland,my ten year old son Josh was born with no fingers on his right hand just a little thumb,last week thanks to your amazing organisation and a wonderful man here in Ireland called stephen dignam josh received his new 3D hand,I will email you some pictures to you so that you can put them up on your page if you want too,amazing work done by amazing people.Thank you

  15. Christine Reply

    Hi, I’m Christine from China.
    I am wondering how can I contact your volunteers in China. Can you tell me the number or email address I can use? Thank you!

  16. veronica Reply

    To Whom it May Concern,

    Hello my name is Veronica, I have learned about your amazing organization through my father. I have a beautiful 9 year old daughter, her name is Raquel she is sweet, funny, kind, she’s the first one to bring food to a stray animal. Raquel has such a amazing heart that it hurts her when she sees others suffering, that alone makes her an easy target for the bullies in this world..but..she was also born with a congenital difference of the upper left extremity, in plain speaking she has no fingers on her left hand. She has been getting picked on at school for something that is beyond her control, my daughter is a fighter I’ve seen it time and time again. Raquel did three programs of gymnastics and she loved every minute of it, but unfortunately she could not progress any further without her mastering the bars. We spent all summer working on it…she can cross them but can not do the flips.

    Your video gave me hope, that your organization knows what its like for my daughter, to be bullied,ridiculed and looked past as someone who just cant do it. I believe with the proper tool she can… with your help, with the 3d glove my daughter will feel better about herself, and as a mother that’s all I want for her….

    please help my daughter, make her dreams a reality

  17. Claudia Reply

    Dear E-nable Community, Im writing you from Chile, because I have friend who was amputated of his hands and legs by an septicemic shock, that also left him deaf. He is 44 years old and live completely alone. After 9 months in the hospital, with treatment, therapy and exercises, he is ready to come back his home and need a hand prosthesis to make his life own. He has total wrist motion in his right hand (and part of his thumb) and total elbow motion in his left arm. Could you help him? Many friends are helping to remodel his house and other issues to improve his life, but in Chile is very difficult access to a 3D printer and the traditional prosthesis is so expensive. Please tell me if I may fill the form to ask for a hand. Thanks!!

  18. nataly Reply

    I am looking for some help, my son was injured at birth, he is now 4 and has Erb’s Palsy also known as Brachial Plexus Injury, I am looking for something that will allow him to be more independent. He has no wrist function, but has very little movement in his hand. I tried to fill out the intake from but I am sent to another screen with an error message. We live in NC and hoping someone can help us.

  19. susan Reply

    Hi, what a great work you’re all doing!!!
    i’m an occupational therapist and i have an idea for a special drinking cup for people with motoric problems and problems in swallowing.
    it’s now only an idea. We know exactly how the cup must work.
    now i’m looking for someone who would like to think with us how to create this cup in a perfect and simple way.
    is there someone in your network who would like to help us with this?

    greetings, susan quirijnen, The Netherlands

  20. Wesley Andrade Reply

    Oi, meu nome é Wesley.
    Sou estudante do Centro Universitário Newton Paiva, Belo horizonte – Brasil, e estou precisando da ajuda de vocês para criar uma prótese adaptada para uma paciente do núcleo de fisioterapia. Ela sofreu um acidente e perdeu parte da mão e queríamos muito dar esse prazer de devolvê-la esse prazer de usar as duas mãos para suas tarefas do dia-a-dia.

    (Hi, my name is Wesley.
    I’m a student at Newton Paiva University Center, Belo Horizonte – Brazil, and I need your help to create a prosthesis adapted for a patient in the physiotherapy nucleus. She suffered an accident and lost part of her hand and we wanted very much to give her the pleasure of giving her back that pleasure of using both hands for her day-to-day tasks.)

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