Developed by Jorge Zuniga and his research group at Creighton University, the Cyborg Beast is one of e-NABLE’s most popular designs.  Among its features are textured finger tips for improved grip, Chicago screw joints, protected cable routing through the body of the palm, and integrated tensioning system in the gauntlet.  The Cyborg Beast is licensed under the Creative Commons-Attribution-Non-Commercial license.

All files for this design can be found on Thingiverse, HERE. For detailed instructions on which files to download and print, see below.

Cyborg Beast Assembly Materials Kit Now Available

You can purchase an assembly materials kit for a Raptor hand from 3D Universe by clicking here. This kit includes all of the materials needed to assemble a Raptor hand or a Raptor Reloaded Hand.

A discount is available on these kits for e-NABLE members who are actively involved in the charitable fabrication of these devices. Email for more details.

A portion of every kit sold will go towards supporting and the e-NABLE community!





An Important Note About Assembly

The most common mistake when assembling e-NABLE Hand devices is improper tensioning of the non-flexible cords. When the non-flexible cords are tied correctly, the base of the palm should be inclined about 30-45 degrees compared to the base of the bracer (the part that goes over the arm). This will allow the recipient to activate the device without having to bend their wrist so far downwards as to cause discomfort.

As an example, the below image shows a properly tensioned Phoenix v2 hand. While this is a different design, the Cyborg Beast hand should be assembled at a similar angle as what is shown here.






Cyborg Beast Instruction Manual: HERE

Assembly tutorial by Jeremy Simon of 3D Universe:

Tips for installing the tendon lines from Jeremy Simon of 3D Universe:


Which Files Should I Download and Print?

The latest version of the Cyborg Beast can be downloaded here.  When you open this ZIP file, you will find the following files inside:

  • Instructions_Cyborg_Beast_Updated.pdf
    • Start here.  The instructions have detailed information about sizing and assembly.
  • Scaling_Chart.pdf
    • This chart will help guide sizing.
  • L_One_Hinge_Gauntlet.stl
    • Gauntlet for thumbless left palm.
  • Normal_Gauntlet.stl
    • Gauntlet for either right or left full palm.
  • L_No_Thumb_Palm.stl
    • Palm for users with a left hand with a thumb.
  • Finger_w_Bumps.stl
    • Distal finger with bumps on the finger tip for better gripping (fingers only).
  • Thumb_Finger_w_Bumps.stl
    • Distal finger with bumps on the finger tip for the thumb.
  • Right_Palm.stl
    • Standard palm for a right-hand version.
  • R_One_Hinge_Gauntlet
    • Gauntlet for a thumb-less right palm.
  • Finger_Phal.stl
    • Proximal phalange for the four fingers that interfaces with the palm.
  • Thumb_Phal.stl
    • Proximal phalange for the thumb that interfaces with the palm.
  • Finger_wo_Bumps.stl
    • Smooth-tipped finger tips for the four fingers.
  • Thumb_Finger_wo_Bumps.stl
    • Smooth-tipped finger tip for the thumb
  • Left_Palm.stl
    • Standard left palm.
  • R_No_Thumb_Palm.stl
    • Palm for users with a right hand with a thumb.

For a standard Cyborg Beast, you’ll need to print the following:

  • 4 x Finger_w_Bumps.stl or Finger_wo_Bumps.stl
  • 1 x Left_Palm.stl or Right_Palm.stl
  • 4 x Finger_Phal.stl
  • 1 x Thumb_Finger_w_Bumps.stl or Thumb_Finger_wo_Bumps.stl
  • 1 x Thumb_Phal.stl


By accepting any design, plan, component or assembly related to the so called “e-NABLE Hand”, I understand and agree that any such information or material furnished by any individual associated with the design team is furnished as is without representation or warranties of any kind, express or implied, and is intended to be a gift  for the sole purpose of evaluating various design iterations, ideas and modifications. I understand that such improvements are intended to benefit individuals having specific disabilities and are not intended, and shall not be used, for commercial use. I further understand and agree that any individual associated with e-NABLE organization shall not be liable for any injuries or damages resulting from the use of any of the materials related to the e-NABLE hand.

47 thoughts on “The Cyborg Beast

  1. Isaura S. Reply

    How could l make some like this ? I would like help people who needs a hand.. Im from Mexico, and I would like be a volunter, congratulations for your work

      • Isaura S.

        Thank you very much, I hope I can help, I am a student of bionics engineering in Mexico, I hope to help in the future in a more direct way, for now I’ll find a way to help as you and again, congratulations for your work!

    • Yves Reply

      Hola Isaura donde estas en Mexico yo estoy en Tepoztlan Morelos tengo una impresora, tu imprimes? a mi también me interesa ayudar , y estoy mas que dispuesto a poner tiempo de mi maquina y material para esto . quizás podamos ir juntando fuerza aquí en mexico también .

      • Isaura S.

        Hola, espero que podamos unir fuerzas aquí en México en donde lo que más necesitamos es ser solidario, ojalá podamos ponernos de acuerdo.

      • Isa

        Soy de Morelos, pero actualmente estoy en Puebla, ojala podamos ponernos deacuerdo

      • IMTGus

        Hola a todos, yo también estoy en México tengo 2 impresoras, este proyecto es realmente apasionante he estado imprimiendo algunos de estos modelos, ojala podamos estar con contacto para hacer crecer esta comunidad en México realmente hay muchas personas que tienen impresoras en nuestro país creo que todos podríamos aportar.

      • Jen Owen - E-NABLE

        Hola! Este enlace le llevará al formulario de admisión que ayudará al equipo matcher conseguirle que aparece como un fabricante!

    • Alejandro Carrillo Reply

      I’m also located in Mexico City and just joined the community. I have a 3D printer and would love to both print and design.

    • Warm Fuzzy Revolutionist Reply


      If you have someone that is in need of a device who is missing fingers – please send an email to our matcher team at and they can help find someone near you to help! It may take a few days for them to get back to you as we are all volunteers and do this in our free time so please give them some time to get the info to you!

  2. Spiros Pouliasis Reply


    My name is Spiro. Im a 25 year old man from Greece now living in the UK.
    First of all i would like to congratulate you on such a wonderful achievement! I myself was born with missing digits on my left hand due to congenital amniotic band syndrome. Its where the amniotic sac constricts a part of the body and prevents it from developing when in the womb. I have coped without any prosthesis or support whatsoever my whole life because of the cost of having something like this done. It is absurd and ridiculous to price a prosthetic at such a high cost as 35k and over! But thanks to people like you there is hope for someone like me. What would it take to possibly get a hold of one of your devices?

    Best wishes,
    Spiros Pouliasis

  3. Jeff Vadillo Reply

    Hello I’m Jeff and I live in the Philippines. Would you know anyone in this area who can help me have this hand… I lost my right hand due to an accident but I still e my carpal and wrist intact… My dad lives in LA in the united states maybe I can have one shipped to him then he can send it to me here in the Philippines… I really appreciate all these things your doing for people like me.. All the best.

  4. Jo Theriot Reply

    My husband lost his arm to the shoulder. Are these a possibility for him? He has had the same prosthesis for 37 years because of cost.

  5. Johan Threels Reply

    I have a daughter who has one finger. She has seen on the internet hand and would love to have one. Only handmade for someone who has no fingers. Is there a possibility that someone can customize the file for her. There is a 3D scan of her hand made so it might change what is easy.
    Yours sincerely

  6. pamela yupanqui Reply

    Acabo de leer un articulo en la revista city energy en Chile, se me llena el corazón con la forma como desarrollo su proyecto, sus objetivos, los logros y el tiempo invertido. Me queda claro que con perseverancia y su objetivo, a logrado su fuerza. No tengo impresora, ni grandes recursos, solo cuento con mis manos y mi creatividad. Nose como pero quiero ayudar, soy Diseñadora industrial, mi correo personal

  7. ASanto Reply

    Hi there-my new born is due in April and I’ve learned he will not have a left hand. There is no limb difference otherwise, he has everything up to his wrist but I’ve been advised that the sooner you introduce children to prosthetics the better. Is there a size available for children 6 month olds? Additionally we don’t have a 3D printer. Is there a way we can order one? Thank you so much and this is amazing!!!

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Reply

      Hello! Congratulations on your baby!

      We do not recommend putting these on children under the age of 3 as they have some very small parts that can be choking hazards for younger children who put everything in their mouths!

      You will want to work with a hand specialist or prosthetist who specializes in babies and toddlers and then when he is old enough to try a 3D printed hand – we can certainly help you!

  8. judas Reply

    Hola quisiera saber si uds pueden mandarme los archivos de los diseños para imprimir una mano derecha para una mujer de 41 años, es delgada y bajita.
    Desde ya muchas gracias.

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Reply

      Hola! Tenemos voluntarios que puedan ayudar a determinar el tamaño. Por favor llene nuestro formulario y nuestro matcher le ayudará!

      La forma es aquí:

  9. Erina Cho Reply

    Hi there, I’ve trying to make a hand for some time now, but ran into a few problems. There seems to be multiple variations of the gauntlets; where can I get access to the gauntlet with the slits for the velcro as well as the twisting type tensioner mounting?

  10. Reply

    Hello, I am in your database download images seem to be is incomplete, I am very urgently need to know the method of making 3 d prosthetics, I come from China, this technology is not here, I’d like to cooperate with you, and popularized in China, looking forward to cooperating with you!

  11. Isaura S. Reply

    Hi guys, yesterday a man of 35 years wrote me to my email asking for my help , he told me he had lost an arm , he is Cuban and I wondered if there would be someone to help you , your email is Thanks for your attention.

  12. Amine Reply

    Hi everybody,
    Sorry for posting this here but I didn’t found any user forum or so. I am having issues printing the gauntlet for the cyborg beast hand :
    In fact, the contact with the printer plate is too small and is not flat, and the printing always ends up as a big mess. Also, at some point, the printer tries to print in a point of space corresponding to the gauntlet tips, and it’s the least to say that it doesn’t really work. I’ve tried to rotate the 3d model so the gauntlet tips touch the printer’s plate, but yet the surface contact is still too small, and the printer starts printing wires that detach from the model.
    Do anybody ahad issues with it too ? Or are you all succeeding in printing it without any problem.
    I am thinking of printing this modified gautlet instead :
    Or maybe flattening the original model by myslef.
    Thanks for your help,

  13. Metani Reply

    Hi Jen, thanks for your answer. I’ve just sent the mail.

  14. Batool K. K. Reply

    Hello ,
    I printed the cyborg beast and the gauntlet does not have a place for the tendons to be inserted, also the Instruction Manual is not opening. Is there a way I could get the Instruction manual for the Cyborg Beast to be sent to my email or access it in any other way because I tried multiple times to open it but failed. It says this “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

    The specified bucket does not exist


  15. Alex Pasternack dos Santos Reply

    The project is very good and to become more comfortable and not hurt the boy’s hand and I think a glove with specific material and whistled his hand would be an idea to be considered.

    • Jen Owen - e-NABLE Volunteer Reply

      We now use medical grade foam where it is available but some people are also creating other types of padding!

  16. Adrine Reply

    What about a soft silicon like substance to help in pain and adjustment? Or maybe make it longer in the arm to increase the strong and stability of arm?

    • Jen Owen - e-NABLE Volunteer Reply

      There have been many improvements since this first design! Please visit the Google+ community or our forums! A lot of volunteers in there to help!

  17. Ernesto Jorge Reply

    Hi there,
    First of all thank you so much for doing such a noble work. I am a senior Electrical and Computer Engineering students and fr my senior design project I am working on a EMG Controlled Forearm Prosthesis. I would like to use this design for the actual hand, and my question is if is possible to fit servo motors inside the hand to actuate the tendon lines? I would also love to shared my project with this community so more people can be benefited by this technology. Email me at

    • Jen Owen - e-NABLE Volunteer Reply

      Thank you so much!

      Best place to find out about that would be in the forums but you are always welcome to take the design and “make it work” and we just ask that if you use it for part of your final device, that you give credit back to the designers and community!

      Thank you!!

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