Video Coverage:

Paul & Leon McCarthy – CBS BOSTON – Teaching kids about 3D printing hands.

Jeremy Simon talks to FOX News about the cost difference between an e-NABLE hand and a $42,000 prosthetic.

Jose Delgado Jr., 53, compares his $42,000 myoelectric prosthetic with a $50 3D printed e-NABLE “Cyborg Beast” hand.

UWM Spotlight on Excellence – Shea’s Hand

Peregrine Hawthorne and Jon Schull at Intel


Jon Schull and Nick Parker – Science Online 2014


High School Students at NuVu invent the “Ratchet Hand.”


Ted Talk – Ivan Owen


Liam’s New Hand

Make The World – Adafruit Hangout with Molly Stapleman (Lucky Fin Project), Ivan Owen (Co-Creator of First 3d printed hand) , Paul & Leon McCarthy and Michael Curry of Makerbot

Make The World – Adafruit Hangout with Jon Schull (Founder of the E-Nable Group), Bre Petis (CEO of Makerbot) and Sam Bhattacharyya (Prosthetics for Prosperity)

Enterprise Northwest – “From Trinkets to Body Parts” 


Jorge Zuniga – Creighton University Professor gives Boy a new hand

Father/Son – Paul and Leon McCarthy on the Katie Couric Show


CBS NEWS – Paul & Leon with Ivan Owen


 We Made A Talon Hand – Peregrine Hawthorn

KOMO 4 News – Bellingham Inventor helps design 3D printed prosthetic hands

Makerbot Video – Origins with Ivan Owen and Richard Van As



ASME – Interview with Ivan Owen on original mechanical hand device 

NPR – Original 3d Printed hand story


3D – 10 Year old Girl Assembles Fully Functional 3D Printed Hand.

The Register Guard – Keegan gets a new hand

Biz Journals – A Hand for a Portland Man

Inside 3DP – Girl gets 3D printed hand – e-NABLE at Makerfaire

Wallstreet Daily  – Hands in Argentina

Solidoodle – Donation to e-NABLE and RIT

3d Printing Industry – E-nabling a kid to feel like Luke Skywalker

Democrat & Chronicle – Imagine RIT offers a helping hand – Urgency needed for prosthesis advancement

Portland Business Journal – 3D printing gives a man a hand

Portland Business Journal – 6 year old gets a hand – Comparing of a $42,000 myoelectric prosthetic vs e-NABLE $50 3D printed hand.

Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinal – Shea’s Hand

Solidoodle – Talon Hand Interview with Peter Binkley

Fastcoexist – High School Students create new versions of 3d printed hands

Ubergizmo – Talon Hand

RIT News – E-Nable Community story

Democrat & Chronical – E-Nable Community

Le Journel Du Geek – Talon 2.0 Design

Student Science – Nick Parker – High School Student

Scientific American – E-nable

White Clouds – Peregrine and E-nable’s story

GIGAOM – The E-nable adventure – Interview with Peregrine Hawthorn

OpenSource.Com – Interview with Jen Owen

3d Printing Industry – E-nable’s evolving story

3D Printing Pin – E-Nable Story and Jon Schull

3D Modelle – Cyborg Beast Hand & E-Nable

Tech Advisor – Leon McCarthy gets 3D printed hand

News MONSTER – Online Community (E-Nable and Jon Schull)

3D Universe – A New Hand for Lily

Huffington Post – Dad prints hand for Son – Paul and Leon McCarthy

Livewell Nebraska – Jorge Zuniga and Creighton University – E-Nable connecting those in need to people willing to print parts

RIT Article – E-nable’s history and future – Jon Schull

HackADay – Shea’s New Hand

i3D – Talon Hand & E-Nable Community

Vanguardia – Talon Hand Story

Xataca – Talon Hand Story

My Special Hand” – Sam’s Story

NPR Story – Paul & Leon McCarthy – Ivan Owen

Med Gadget  – High Schooler 3d prints hand for neighbor boy

Youtube Video of First Child Liam – I van Owen and Richard Van As

Popular Mechanics – Origins – Ivan Owen and Richard Van As

New Hand for Kate

A Hand for Harmony

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