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20 thoughts on “EVENTS

  1. I would love to get involve,where i can help my grandson and e-mail addres: .i was filling the form ,but cumputer went out

  2. Hello. My 10 year-old son would like to get involved in helping this Spring. What would be the best way for him to do it? We live in NYC. My daughter is missing a finger and he feels touched by this issue. Many thanks. Melida

    • Hello Melida!

      Please visit our Get Involved page and submit our intake form for volunteers! There are also some links to the Google+ group as well as the forums for him to ask questions too!

  3. We attended an e-nable conference in Baltimore last fall and it was wonderful. The main emphasis was on prosthetics for children. Is there anything being scheduled with the main emphasis on children on the east coast in the near future?

    • Hello Catherine! We have a calendar of events that you can look at! Our next big conference will be on the West Coast in the fall – but there are smaller events going on this summer on the East coast!

  4. Hi how involved are you in South Africa, we are in Pretoriam can yiou link me with some hand fitters and people building hands?

    • Hello Julie! Please visit our “Get Involved” page and fill out the intake form there.
      Also feel free to email and get in touch to learn more about getting enable into the classrooms!

  5. Hello Jen! I would like to have a greater e-nable presence in Phoenix, AZ. Is there anyone in this area that could that I can collaborate with? I do research for a non-profit organization and I have access to a 3-D printer.

  6. Hello i would love to get involve with this amazing program my son is currently two months and he has symbrachydactyly on his left hand but would love him to get an opportunity with an enable when he is older and we would love to help and see smiles on other children

  7. I am a community focused photographer located in Seattle. If you hold an event here, I would live to volunteer. You can see my other community events at

  8. I would love to join or find out more about the Chicago Metro Group. I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and this is the closest I have found. THX Carlie

    • Hi Brandy! Best place to ask about that is in the Google+ group or forums! Links to both are under “Get Involved” on the website! 🙂

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