Enabling Fun and Education!!


The “Prop Maker” decided to make an oversized Talon 2.0 hand for a demonstration model for e-NABLE events, so that people who have all 10 fingers, can try one out too! Please check our e-NABLE Calendar for upcoming events in your area and stop by to see our booths where you can find our e-NABLE members helping to create hands, print out parts, give out information and get kids excited about 3D printing!

If you are interested in making the Talon 2.0 hand for someone in your area, a friend or family member or a person in need of a functional hand – please visit our current design files page for the Talon here:


Video tutorials for this design are here:

If you build one – please let us know! We would love to see your version!

If you are interested in joining the growing Google+ Community to offer your ideas, designs, 3D printer time or support – we welcome you!

**Never fear! No stuffed penguins were harmed in the making of this photo! **

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    I never see such a nice blog which is holding fun with education, your way of working and direction inspire me a lot, keep it up

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