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Today we are launching our new and improved “e-NABLE Shop” where you can search for e-NABLE hand assembly kits, 3d printers, filament options, 3D printing accessories, other fabrication devices and e-NABLE merchandise to purchase in one easy to find location! You can even purchase e-NABLE Gift cards that will be used to provide materials to our e-NABLE Volunteers if you would like to donate tangible items to the community!

We are also excited to share that 3D Universe and MatterCompilers are officially supporting this website and offering additional professional support related to 3D printers and materials, as well as support for schools and groups who are interested in purchasing these machines for use in their classrooms for STEM based service learning projects!

3D Universe has been a long-time supporter of the e-NABLE community. 3D Universe partner Jeremy Simon joined e-NABLE in early 2014 and has made over 50 e-NABLE devices, including hands for about a dozen recipients (the rest were produced for various e-NABLE events, workshops, etc.) 3D Universe produces assembly materials kits for the most popular e-NABLE designs and offers them at a discount to e-NABLE volunteers. So far, over 5,700 of these kits have been distributed around the world!

In addition to making e-NABLE devices, Jeremy serves as chair of e-NABLE’s Strategic Planning Committee, provides support within the e-NABLE Google+ community, and helps to administer the website. Jeremy gives regular talks and presentations about the e-NABLE community and hosts e-NABLE workshops at local schools and libraries. He also produces video tutorials to help other e-NABLE volunteers.

The 3D Universe team also developed (and continues to develop) the e-NABLE Web Central application, which facilitates matching between people who need e-NABLE devices and the volunteers making them.

Jeremy shares, “3D Universe is very pleased to be a supporter of! The 3D Universe team believes that is a critically important resource for the e-NABLE community. Therefore, a portion of all purchases made through the shopping pages on and any purchases intended for doing e-NABLE related work go towards supporting and the e-NABLE community.”

Shashi Jain of MatterCompilers writes, “I’ve been part of the e-NABLE community since it was 100 people and a dream. Through that time, has been the heart of the community, with moving stories, resources, and much more. It’s a critical part of what makes e-NABLE work. My 3D Printing store, MatterCompilers, is pleased to announce that a portion of all purchases made through the link below will go towards supporting and the e-NABLE community.”


When you shop with e-NABLE, your purchases will help to support the website and the e-NABLE community. If you contact one of our partners directly, please be sure to tell them your purchase is for working with the e-NABLE community. That way, a portion of your purchase will go towards supporting our work!

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