If you’re looking for a 3D printer to produce e-NABLE devices, we have some great options for you! Our partners offer special deals for e-NABLE volunteers. A portion of every sale goes towards supporting enablingthefuture.org and the e-NABLE community.



Ultimaker 2+


The Ultimaker 2+ is one of the most advanced, precise and reliable desktop 3D printers available. Winner of the 3D Hubs Best of Prosumer 2017 award.

Ultimaker 2 Extended+


The Ultimaker 2 Extended+ offers all the great features of the Ultimaker 2+, with an expanded build volume of 8.8 x 8.8 x 12 inches.

Ultimaker 3


The new Ultimaker 3 adds dual extrusion to Ultimaker’s industry-dominating technology. With a host of new, intelligent features, the latest generation of Ultimaker technology is a technical tour de force. It demonstrates that Ultimaker is serious about meeting the growing demand for accessible, professional 3D printing.

Ultimaker 3 Extended


The Ultimaker 3 Extended offers dual extrusion and all the other great features of the Ultimaker 3, with an expanded build volume of 8.5 x 8.5 x 12 inches.

Ultimaker Original+ Kit


For makers that enjoy rolling up their sleeves, the Ultimaker Original Plus is a perfect fit. The Original Plus Kit is also ideal for enthusiasts that are budget-constrained, and yet want to have access to Ultimaker quality.

Lulzbot Mini


The Lulzbot Mini is a well-reviewed small printer with auto leveling and excellent community reputation.

Lulzbot TAZ 6


The Lulzbot TAZ 6 is a large format workhorse for those who need to print big. Make Magazine’s top pick from 2016!