Are you interested in helping this Maker Movement?

Do you have a 3d printer of your own or are you a school or business that owns one that is interested in helping to print hands and parts  for people in your own communities?

Please join our Google+ Group!

Are you a parent or caregiver of a child with an upper limb difference that would like to create a device on your own with advice from others who are continuing research and development?

Please email us at enablematcher@gmail.com and we will try to match you up with people near you!

If you are excited about this – but have no need for a hand and do not have a printer but would like to follow the life of this creation and see how big it gets and how far the branches spread – please follow us on Twitter or our blog as well as the E-Nable Facebook page where you can see links to new stories and see photos of designs that are being created and tested by people who are making these at home.

If you would like to donate toward helping purchase materials to help others create hands – please visit our Donations page.


16 thoughts on “WANT TO HELP?

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  2. Steve Palma Reply

    I have MakerBot Replicator Z18 available to me, is this something that can be used with your designs?

  3. Claudia and José Reply

    We are in Montreal and want to make our two Replicator 2 available to E-Nable. We can not join your google+ as you instruct because it says by invitation only.
    Can you please invite us?
    Thank you.
    Claudia and José

    • Warm Fuzzy Revolutionist Reply

      Hello Claudia and Jose! Thank you so much for your wonderful offer!

      Are you members of Google+ already? You have to have a Google+ account to be able to join. If you are still having problems getting into the group – please email me at info@enablingthefuture.org from the addresses you would like me to send invitations from and I will do that for you!

  4. 郭丽玲 Reply

    I come from China, could you tell me you to create a 3 d prosthesis? My son hour hand blown, only little thumb and other four refers to the imperfect, irregular, can order?

  5. Claudia and José Reply

    We want to offer you our 3d Printers and the material needed to print the hand. Please send us the file and we will start immediately.

    Claudia and José

    • Warm Fuzzy Revolutionist Reply

      Thank you Claudia and Jose!

      Are you wanting to create a file for the guest above from China?

      I am hoping they come back and respond – but if you would like to make hands for others – we have a big wait list and would love to add you to our map of makers who are able to print and send parts to people who need them! Thank you!

      Please visit our intake form so the Matcher team can get you on the map and start sending people your way! Amazing!


  6. Claudia and José Reply

    Thank you very much or your reply.
    Can you please clarify what you mean by creating a file? We can 3D print but can not design the hand.
    We will be happy to create hands for anybody, just send us the STL file.
    We filled the intake form but still could not be invited in the Google + page.

    Thank you!
    Caudia and José

    • Jeremy Simon Reply

      Hi, Claudia and José. Thanks for your offer to help with printing. If you’ve already filled out the Intake Form, then the e-NABLE Matching Team will seek out hand recipients you may be able to print for. That process does take a little while sometimes, as there are many different volunteers and recipients to coordinate, and only a small team doing that work.

      Hopefully, you’ve been able to get into the G+ community. You should be able to just visit the community page (http://bitly.com/e-nable) and click the Join button. Then your request would be approved by a moderator, usually within a day or two.

      The files for the latest version of the Cyborg Beast can be found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:261462

      However, those files need to be scaled to a certain size, depending on who they’re being made for. We’re considering a program where e-NABLE volunteers would pre-print hand parts in a variety of common sizes so we could have an inventory of parts ready to send out. We don’t have the logistics of that figured out yet, so until then, the e-NABLE Matching Team helps fabricators to find recipients to print for.

      If I can be of any further assistance, feel free to email me directly at jeremy (at) 3duniverse.org.

      Jeremy Simon

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  8. melanie williams Reply

    HELP. I am pretty clueless, barely computer literate. I live very close to the University of MD, NIH, Baltimore Medical school… (we are half way between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore,) so I’m hoping someone is looking for a project.
    My daughter was born with Arthrogryposis. The doctors fixed her club feet, but not her clubbed hands. Her hands and wrists are not “normal” and her elbows lock at 90 degrees. She is amazingly functional, feeding, writing, typing…but she wants so much more.
    She asks all the time about “fake” arms and hands for people with missing limbs. She has even asked if she could have hers removed so that she could become “bionic.”
    I need so much more than a video to help me. My older son wants a 3-D printer for Christmas, maybe this will move it up on Santa’s list.

    • Warm Fuzzy Revolutionist Reply

      Hello Melanie!

      We have all sorts of people that may be able to help you!

      Please send an email to our matcher team so they can get started finding you a volunteer near you. 🙂


      *I also deleted your phone number – for internet safety reasons. Please only give your contact information to the Matcher team. ) 🙂

  9. Claudia and José Reply

    Hello Melanie!
    We are in Montreal, Canada and will gladly print any part that you need. My guess is that in your daughters’ case she will need something customized. Please tell the designer that will create the parts for you to send us the files and we will star printing as soon as we get them.

    Warm regards,
    Claudia and José

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