Did you know that we have a map that will show you where our volunteers are located?

The E-Nable map is growing every day as more and more people are volunteering their time and offering to print parts and designs for those that are in need of a mechanical hand device and do not have a printer of their own. It is also a place for those that are seeking a device – to add themselves to the map so that they can connect with a volunteer in their area.

If you are a 3d printing enthusiast or a designer, engineer, garage tinkerer, professor, medical professional, or even a school or university – that would like to offer up your printer to create fingers and hands for people that are interested in trying a new design and assembling a device – please add yourselves to the map and join the Google+ group!

The Google+ group is where you will find discussions on new designs, collaborations, updated files and a place to ask each other questions.

We have so many different levels of knowledge amongst our members and all of them are happy to direct you and teach you how to create one of these devices or help solve design issues as more people test them out and give them feedback.

If you are interested in joining and being part of the growing group of “Makers” that are Making a difference – please visit the Google+ group!

If you would like to join us in this Maker Revolution and want to add yourself to our map – please do!

Although these roles are not all mutually exclusive, you can only pick one type of marker to represent you on the map.  Don’t worry about it, there is no test!  If you fall into multiple categories, just pick one.  Tell us  about yourself when you join our Google + community and (important!) write a post in the Introductions category.markermap
• Can Help – Use this if you are in a hurry or if you prefer to have this default marker.
• Want Help (Recipient) – You or someone you know who wants a Mech-En (Mechanically Enhanced) device or needs guidance in creating one on their own.
• Matcher/Coach – Matchers and Coaches act as “native guides” for Recipients.  You’ll help pair Recipients with Helpers, and coax them into providing the feedback and updates that keep us motivated! If you want to volunteer, say so in the community when you introduce yourself!
• Parent/Guardian –  You are the responsible adult, the parent or representative of a potential Mech-En recipient.
• Fabricator – You have access to a 3D printer and are willing to download, print, and fabricate one of our community’s designs.
• Designer – You can create or modify designs and are willing to share them as open-source with the community.
• Designer/Fabricator – Someone who does both.
• Student – Someone that is attending an educational institution that is participating in this community as a research and development project or working with one of the teachers in the group to create a hand for someone.
• Teacher – Someone teaching a class at an educational institution or a local workshop in their community that would like to share feedback from their students, help with research and development and design or who may be trying to build curriculum that could be based around creating a functional device for someone in their own community. (We have an Education category.)
• OST – You are a volunteer of  our indispensable Organizational Support Team.  (You are good at organization, spreadsheets, keeping track of things etc.)
• Press – Someone who writes, publishes or vlogs reports about the E-nable Group and what we are accomplishing. May also be someone that would like to research venues and other publications to share our stories with and help get the E-nable group some media coverage.
• Print Shop – You represent a location with multiple printers, and make them available, with some support and at little cost, to Fabricators and Designers.  (Because it’s good business, and it’s good work!)
• Hub/Makerspace/School – A non-commercial cooperative hotspot of innovation and creativity where people can work together on Mech-En devices.If you have any questions – please email us at info@enablingthefuture.org

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