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  1. Thomas Kam Reply

    Your work and devotion have truly touched my heart, and I very much want to learn ways to help the needy children here in Hong Kong. Let’s hope that we can soon get in touch.

    Kind Regards,
    Thomas Kam

  2. Leora Smith Reply

    Hello. I am sixty years old and I have been a spinal cord patient for almost fifty years now. I have had three surgeries; spinal fusions, instrumentation, body casts & braces. I am thankful every day for the gift of being able to put one foot in front of the other and walk on my own. I have for a long time believed that we will one day have the ability to create an electronic spinal cord so that many forms of paralysis can be alleviated. I admire what you all are doing to help others. Unfortunately, I am not an engineer or anything that could help with the technology of your work but I am so very happy and grateful to have learned about what you are doing for others. Good thoughts to you all and God bless.

    Leora Smith

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Reply

      Thank you so much Leora! You can help by sharing our stories and helping us get the word out to families who could benefit from our wonderful volunteers who want to make hands for children and adults in need.

      I hope you have a beautiful day and thank you for sharing your wonderful positive outlook on life! We need more of that in the world! – Jen

  3. Mary Rosell Reply

    I’m amazed by the simplicity and yet the utility of these prosthetics. I am a recently retired software professional looking to make a rewarding difference and would like to find out how I can help.

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Reply

      If you would like to sign up to help – please visit our “Get Involved page” and it has all the links you need to get started!

      There is a link to the intake form for both recipients and volunteers, a link to our forums for asking questions and also the Google+ group!

  4. Sarah chase Reply

    I am a prosthetist. Love! Love! Love what is happening here… Would love to play with a hand to see how I can help improve… How Can I help?! Sarah chase, prosthetist/ orthotist

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Reply

      Hi Sarah!! Please email us at enablematcher@gmail.com and we can help find a demo hand for you to check out and maybe hook you up with some local volunteers to show you how they are printed!

  5. Jesus Colmenarez Reply

    hello. God bless u all-
    iam Jesus Colmenarez and i need one prosthesis rigth hand because i have not fingers.

    • Jen Owen - E-NABLE Reply

      Please visit our “Get Involved page” and fill out the intake form! 🙂

  6. George Hicks Reply

    Artie left a message for me to call him and I can’t find it now. Please help me get in contact with him. 817-684-7809 gtehicks@swbell.net George Hicks

  7. Abe Hernández SIlva Reply

    Hi, Thomas.
    I live in SE of Mexico, I am a recently retired IT profesional, I have a 3D printer and I thing I can imitite a help campaing for people with prosthetist problems in this Mexican Región.

  8. Jim Reply

    I am a mentor for a U.S. FIRST robotics team 1768. I would like to learn more about this organization and possibly how to get involved in construction of the hands. I intend to present this project to the team soon before our build season starts in January

  9. Joy Schwartz Reply

    How awesome is this?!? I am a high school robotics/3D printing teacher and my students want to get involved in this! We also want to print an arm/hand for a student in our district…who could I contact if I encounter questions about models, etc?

    Thanks for the fabulous work this organization is doing!


  10. james manzo Reply

    I am a school teacher. I have a 3D printer and would love for my students to get involved. How do I get started?
    I’ll look around the enabling the future site to get better informed.

    • Jen Owen - e-NABLE Volunteer Reply

      Hi James! Please visit our “Contact” section and send an email to our e3Coordinator Rich! 🙂

  11. Anthony Reply

    Im a high school student and im looking at doing this for a career. Im in the boy scouts and am hoping to organize building these for my eagle project.

    • Jen Owen - e-NABLE Volunteer Reply

      Hi Anthony! Please visit our contacts page and send an email to Maria!

  12. Mary bolton Reply

    Thanks I’m an hand amputee and I’m very thrilled at what you all do..please keep me informed and perhaps let me know how to get one!!!!

    • Jen Owen - e-NABLE Volunteer Reply

      Hello Mary! Please visit our Get involved page and fill out our intake form! We can potentially help make one for you or at the very least let you know if our designs will work for you and guide you to somewhere local for you that you could print it out and assemble it on your own! 🙂 – Jen

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