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This is a privately owned website operated by Jen Owen, an e-NABLE Community Volunteer and wife of Ivan Owen. Ivan co-designed the first 3D printed hand for a young boy named Liam who was born missing fingers.

Jen started this blog in January of 2013 and continually updates the website with new designs, tutorials, assembly instructions, resources and stories from the Community so that those in need or who want to join and help, can find the information they need to help us in our mission to “Give The World A Helping Hand.”

Supporting or sponsoring this website makes it possible for Jen to devote her time and attention to maintaining this community resource.The e-NABLE Community is made up of thousands of engineers, teachers, students, designers, artists, philanthropists, scout troops, tinkerers, machinists, technology enthusiasts, bio-engineering majors, scientists, medical professionals, parents, children and dreamers from around the world who are using their 3D printers and donating their time and materials to make it possible to create and gift 3D printed assistive devices for those who were born missing fingers and hands or who have lost them due to war, natural disaster or disease.All of the community’s designs are open-source and free to download so that anyone, anywhere with access to the necessary technologies can create a device for themselves or someone in need.

Thank you for believing in this global Community and our hope to make a difference!

With your donations, you are helping us in our mission of “enabling the future” all over the world!
Thank you!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

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5 thoughts on “Help Us e-NABLE The Future

  1. dean Reply

    We are looking for someone to modify the RIT hand for a man who lost his hand past the wrist in a meat grinder

  2. Rose Koh Reply

    Please advise how can I register my granddaughter for the 3D printed hand as she had amniotic band syndrome since birth. she don’t have left hand.

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