Red Hat, e-NABLE And Open Source Philosophies

The trailer for “e-NABLE: open technology, faster progress“, the second film in Red Hat‘s Open Source Stories Film series, premiered at Red Hat Summit 2015 on Wednesday morning during the general session.

Look for the full short documentary film later this summer!

“When we decided to tell the e-NABLE story, we thought we were telling a story about children and their parents finding affordable choices where there were none before because of new technology and open collaboration. That turns out to be just a small portion of the overall picture. What we found is the open source way in a hardware community, expanding what is possible. We found a research and development model that relied on users becoming designers, and a community committed to bringing different usable prototypes to smiling children in a matter of months. We found people from a variety of backgrounds who wanted to help those they’ve never met. We found a burgeoning open hardware maker community at the edge of disrupting an entire industry.”

During this event, they also held a 5K run where participants who donned their running shoes and helped to raise over $4800 that will be donated to the Enable Community Foundation to help us continue to provide free hands to those in need.

While our grant will provide us with funding to dig deeper into research and development, provide mini grants for research teams and help us create new designs – the e-NABLE Community is still in need of donations to help us hire full time staff to manage the ever growing and evolving community, recipient needs and help to put on more conferences and events where families, medical professionals and wounded warriors can be served!

Thank you Red Hat for your generous donation and for helping us to Make A Difference!


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