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Recently, we shared a story about numerous Scout troops in Baltimore, who have been assembling e-NABLE hands to send to a medical centers to various locations around the world which will be distributed to and fit to their underserved patients and Refugees who have been disfigured by war.

On December 13th, 2014, the Scouts will be working at an event with Johns Hopkins trauma surgeon, Dr. Albert Chi to assemble as many 3D printed e-NABLE hands as they can to send back with the representatives from the medical facility who will be visiting Baltimore to learn how to print, assemble and fit these devices to their patients.

If you would like to attend the event – please register on the event page HERE.

If you are a parent of a child or an adult in need of a hand or arm and are in the Baltimore area on December 13th and would like to come to the event at Johns Hopkins Medical Center and participate and see about getting a hand to take home – please come!

Want to help make a difference in the lives of children affected by war and poverty?

MAKERS! They need your help!

If you have access to a 3D printer and are able to print parts and send them to the scout troop leaders for the children to assemble – they need as many hand kits as possible so that they can send the hands to locations around the world to help those who are in the greatest need of help.

Please join us by printing Raptor model hands or donating to help cover expenses for the hardware to assemble them ($15/hand). Every hand will transform the life of the recipient. Every hand we receive opens up at least two seats at the workshop for Scouts and other volunteers who will always remember they were part of a youth-led project and a noble cause. Children 5 years old and under make cards to go with the hand; everyone who works on a hand signs the card. Children ages 6-10 work in teams with an older Scout or adult to assemble the hands. Older youth and adults provide support, work on tying cords and supervise use of power tools. With your help, we’ll build hands, and bridges.

The address to mail UNASSEMBLED Hand kit parts to is:
Patronage Church
ATTN: Hands Across Borders Project
1260 Stevens Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21227

Please place the unassembled hand kit parts into a ziplock bag and label them with the percentage size you have printed, whether it is a left/right hand and your name so the Scouts can add your name to a contributor and volunteer on the hand made cards they will be sending along with each hand created!

Everything received will be assembled. Hands for the Hopkins workshop need to arrive by 12/12/14. 
The Scouts have agreed to hold additional events and continue supporting the medical centers and clinics. Hands received after 12/12 will be assembled at workshops and in classrooms and sent. Nothing will be wasted.

For 3D printing instructions and files, check here: 

To select a size to print, go to this doodle poll, and claim a size that has fewer in process: 
Open the poll. Click the button under the description to see all options. Put your name on the blank and let us know what size hand you are able to print and send.

Register to attend our workshop at 

We’ll post news and photos on the enablingthefuture.org website after the event!

Thank you!

For more information – please email Maria – esquela.maria@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “Hands Across The World • Calling All Makers!!

  1. Dr SHotland Yeheskel MD Reply

    I living in Israel in Haifa one hour
    from ZIv hospital in Zfat.
    The Syrian refugee children are also in other hospital in Israel.
    As you know I participate in
    meeting held September28in
    Baltimore and in the workshop
    I can help to teach the staff in
    hospital to assemble the hands
    I am a surgeon.and certified
    3Ddigital planner
    Waiting for response
    Dr SHotland MD

    • Maria Reply

      Please contact me at esquela.maria@gmail.com.

      My Scouts and volunteers would like to share what we have learned about sizing, printing, assembly and fitting. We are aware that there are many places caring for children with Amniotic Band Syndrome and other conditions that would cause a child to need a 3 D printed device. We would like to know more about you.

      Are you Yeheskel Shotland of Med 3D?

      We would like help form counterparts with mentors, as we have found a mentor in Dr. Albert Chi. Have you been able to teach other staff at your institution or in your practice? Do you work with youth groups like Boy Scouts and Girl Guides already, or would you be willing to work with them? Are you aware of any youth STEM programs in your area?

      Best regards,
      Maria Esquela

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