3D Printed Myo-Electric Arm Design – Now Available For Free!

6 Year old Alex – checking out how his $350 Myo-electric arm works. – Photo by KT Crabb Photography.

Just a few days ago, a team at the University of Central Florida, put a 3d printed myo-electric arm on a 6 year old child. It cost them about $350 to create and is now a part of the growing number of 3d printed devices that have been released for free to the world through the e-NABLE community of over 1300 global volunteers world wide. 

The team at University of Central Florida has now released the blueprints and parts lists online for free – under a Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-commercial license. Please keep in mind that this is a prototype and as of today – has only been worn by one child and we do not have any cumulative data about safety, durability and function! We do however, hope to get a few more beta testers to try these out with the guidance of their physicians and will start publishing our research and findings soon!

If you are interested in making one of these devices – you can find everything you need to make one listed below!

3D Printable files can be found here: THING 408641

Parts list can be found HERE.

Instructions can be found HERE.

For an update on their story: Please visit their website!

If you create one of these for yourself, someone you know or a child – please email us and let us know how the process is going, how the arm is functioning and any feedback you can give that will help to make these devices cheaper to produce and add comfort for the user!

The world is an amazing place when people come together to make a difference!

6 thoughts on “3D Printed Myo-Electric Arm Design – Now Available For Free!

  1. Tan Huon Kwang Reply

    It’s good to hear that people from differance background comes together to help all those handicap but what about people from Asia country . I myself is from Malaysia and for us to get our hand on a 3d printer is next to impossible . I am in need to have one for me to be more financial independent cos at present I am jobless . I would like to start a small hawker business but I can’t cos I am an amputees from the wrist down . I would like to known where can I get one . Hope somebody out there would be able to help me

  2. Pilar Amerman Reply

    Like Alex our grandson was born in January 2014 with his right arm above the elbow missing we would like to see if a myo-electric arm design be E-nabling would enable Eli

  3. Mike Reply

    Hi ,my son was born without a left arm live in south africa and will i be able to find out if there is any assistance around the johannesburg area if you can put me in touch with someone?

    • Jen Owen - e-NABLE Volunteer Post authorReply

      Hi Mike!

      Is your son in need of a myo-electric arm or does he have a functional wrist or elbow?

      please visit the “Need a hand” page and fill out the intake for for the Foundation who may be able to help!

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