Distributing The Future

“There’s something about that moment when it goes from being a thing I’m holding up – to a part of my body… that’s almost magical.” – Peregrine Hawthorn

Earlier this month, Jon Shull (the founder of the E-nable Group) and Peregrine Hawthorn (One of the designers of the Talon Hand and a current user of the device) – spoke at the Intel Corporation International Sales and Marketing Conference in Las Vegas.

A standing ovation from the crowd of nearly 5000 as Peregrine put his “little paw” into his Talon Hand and made it move for the first time on stage – was simply beautiful.

Jon quotes William Gibson in his opening remarks, “The future is already here…it’s just not evenly distributed.”

What truly makes this “Maker Movement” so amazing…is that they are helping to distribute “The Future” to places that normally would never see it or be able to experience it.

In the past 72 hours – not only has the E-nable Google+ Group grown from 300 members to over 400 and climbing…but we have gained numerous people who are eager to help E-nable people in their home countries where the “Future” has yet to reach into.

Ariel, in Panama, will be opening up the first 3d Print Store in her country with more than 30 printers to not only allow her local community to learn how to use this new technology –  but those that could never have dreamed of having a prosthetic hand for their child or themselves…will now be able to download a simple file and take it into her store and print out a functioning set of fingers to take home with them.

The possibilities are endless.

The future is here.
It is now.

It just needs help getting distributed more evenly…and the E-nable community hopes to do just that.

If you would like to join in this Maker Movement and have a 3d Printer that you would like to use to help print hands for people in need – please visit our Google+ Group and add yourselves to the E-Nable Map of volunteers.

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