This is a viola bow holder that was created for Shea by Frankie Flood. Shea was born without fingers on her right hand but she wanted to be able to play her viola. This gauntlet allows her to hold the bow. This was designed so that the bow holder could be used with a cello, violin or viola bow as long as the bow design is similar to the one pictured above. The bow is dismantled in order to attach the bow and no hardware is necessary other than velcro straps and padding to line the inside of the gauntlet. I have included files for the unjoined gauntlet and bow holder in case people want to scale the gauntlet separate from the bow holder (as the bow holder dimensions should not change). Simple scale the gauntlet to the required size and then boolean union the bow holder to the gauntlet. I have included Rhino files for this so that this is possible.

At the moment this bow holder has a fixed wrist, but Frankie is currently developing a moveable wrist holder that will be published here as well.

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