e-NABLE Educators Exchange e3STEAM – Curriculum and Resources

Elementary – Middle School

Chris Craft’s Prosthetic Kids Hand Challenge

• Chris Duckett’s UCA Elementary’s Helping Hand Project and Curriculum

• Bobbi Seleski’s Hastings Middle School eNABLE Curriculum

• Buck Institute for Education – eNABLE PBL Project Design Overview and Student Learning Guide

• Vance Kite’s eNABLE Unit Plan – Includes Daily Learning Objectives

• Teach Engineering


• Elizabeth Jackson’s “Vertus” e-NABLE Program (6 week/4 hours per day program building hands and teaching 3D modeling/printing) – High School

Convent of the Sacred Heart – High School Resources

Post Secondary

• e-NABLE Siena – College Resources

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee – College Resources

• Peter Binkley – Syllabus – Wrist Powered Devices