We are excited to announce our new e-NABLE Digital Badging system to create more community involvement, reward volunteers and participants and recognize those that do so much to support and expand this growing movement!

Please scroll through the available badges below and feel free to claim any that you feel you have earned and deserve!

Please check back often, as we will be adding many more to this growing list!


To Request a Badge:

To request a badge, do the following:

  1. Browse through the available badges to find the one you’re looking for
  2. Copy the badge title to your clipboard (or make a note of the exact badge name)
  3. Fill out the badge request form, pasting the badge name into the “Badge being requested” field
  4. Provide links to relevant evidence within the device request form (for device-specific badges, this would be a link to a video and/or photos of your device)
  5. Watch for emails from the e-NABLE Badging team (they may need more information or evidence)

In most cases, you’ll receive your badge within 2-4 days.


Badges are organized in the following categories:

e-NABLE Device Specific Badges

These are badges that show you have learned how to properly 3D print and/or assemble one of the e-NABLE device designs. These badges are used within e-NABLE Web Central to determine which volunteers are qualified to make each of the different designs. For each e-NABLE design, there is one badge for fabrication (3D printing the parts) and another badge for assembly.

e-NABLE Community Role Badges

If you consistently perform a certain role within the e-NABLE community, claim the appropriate badges from this category to show your involvement.

e-NABLE Chapters and Group Badges

Form an e-NABLE Chapter or working group, and claim the appropriate badges below!

e-NABLE Community Participation Badges

These badges are for one-time activities related to the e-NABLE community. If you have completed one of these activities, claim your badge!

e-NABLE Design Challenge Badges

Periodically, e-NABLE runs “Design Challenges”, where volunteers compete to come up with new designs for the community. If you have participated in one of these events, claim your badge!

e-NABLE Explorers Game Badges

Want to learn more about the e-NABLE community and some of our global chapters? Play the e-NABLE Explorers Game, and earn badges as you progress through the game!