We have some wonderful e-NABLE Community volunteers and students who are creating educational and instructional video tutorials for those who would like to participate!

Please see below to find the tutorial that best fits your needs!

Information on 3D Printing and design

Intro To 3D Printing – Video Tutorials by Kids – For Kids
Created by students from Handchallenge.com

3D Printing 101 – Matterhackers.com with Joel Telling (The 3D Printing Nerd)

Getting Started In Fushion 360 – by Autodesk

Taking Hand Measurements And Scaling In Blender – by Peter Binkley

Taking Photos For Measurements – by Peter Binkley

Hand Assembly Tutorials

Raptor Reloaded Assembly Instructions English – by Handchallenge.com

Raptor Reloaded Assembly Instructions – Spanish – by Handchallenge.com

ThermoformingTeam Unlimbited Arm – by Stephen Davies

Making a leather gauntlet for e-NABLE devices – by Peter Binkley

Thermoforming the Phoenix V2 hand gauntlet – by John Diamond

How a Whippletree works in an e-NABLE hand. – By John Diamond

Phoenix Palm Support – By John Diamond

Talon hand assembly Part 1 – by Ivan Owen

Talon hand assembly Part 2 – by Ivan Owen

Talon hand assembly Part 3 – by Ivan Owen