The designs listed on this page are some of the previously used designs from the e-NABLE Community that have been replaced by newer and updated versions and are no longer recommended as suggested device designs for end users.

You are free to make these designs and use them if you wish, but please visit the recommended designs page for options that may work better for your needs and to see the updated versions that may function and fit better for you or your end user!


Raptor Hand

WRIST DRIVEN: User must have a functional wrist and enough palm to push against the device to force the fingers closed when wrist is bent.

Developed collaboratively by some of e-NABLE’s top designers, Peter Binkley, Andreas Bastian, Frankie Flood, Ivan Owen and Jeremy Simon. The Raptor Hand is designed with ease of printing and assembly in mind. Features include 3D printed snap pins, a modular tensioning system, and compatibility with both velcro and leather palm enclosures. The Raptor Hand is licensed under the Creative Commons-Attribution-Share Alike license.


Owen Partial Finger Replacement

Developed by Ivan Owen,the co-creator of the original Robohand, this partial replacement finger is a parametric finger that can be customized to a user’s individual measurements using the Thingiverse Customizer web-app.  This has been released to the public domain via the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication license.