From David Orgeman

This is a parametric gauntlet for “Mech-En” printed hands.


I have seen a lot of good gauntlets lately, but all that I have seen are only in stl format. Although I could use a scaling percentage to make one key parameter correct – like the width of the wrist – that then left other parameters incorrect. Manually editing the stls is too much effort. With this OpenSCAD script, you can instead adjust a bunch of parameters to create a custom made stl. That stl will be sized to fit better, as well as customized in many ways. Some of the adjustments that can be made are:

  • width and thickness of arm at wrist
  • length of the gauntlet
  • width and thickness of arm at the end of the gauntlet
  • wall thickness of the gauntlet shell
  • extra spacing inside shell for padding or such
  • width and height of slots for Velcro straps
  • width and height of the base rails
  • size of wrist screw holes
  • amount of straight rail extension between wrist pivot and start of shell
  • whether to include bracing rings at front and/or middle and/or back of shell
  • width of any such bracing rings
  • whether to include a curved cutout in the front and/or back
  • size of any such cutout
  • whether to include an integrated string tuner
    if so then also
  • how far from the wrist
  • how many tuners
  • what size tuners
  • any additional tuner elevation above the gauntlet
  • whether to include an integrated string guide
    if so then also
  • how far from the wrist
  • how many strings
  • what size strings
  • any additional string elevation above the gauntlet

This is still a work in progress, but I wanted to make it available to those who are currently trying to make such parts manually.



By accepting any design, plan, component or assembly related to the so called “e-NABLE Hand” , I understand and agree that any such information or material furnished by any individual associated with the design team is furnished as is without representation or warranties of any kind, express or implied, and is intended to be a gift  for the sole purpose of evaluating various design iterations, ideas and modifications. I understand that such improvements are intended to benefit individuals having specific disabilities and are not intended, and shall not be used,  for commercial use. I further understand and agree that any individual associated with e-NABLE organization shall not be liable for any injuries or damages resulting from the use of any of the materials related to the e-NABLE hand.

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